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MXR ZW38 Black Label Chorus

Issue #3

Now this was really nice! It has the usual rate, depth and level pots to get it just how you want it, plus bass and treble controls to adjust the EQ of the chorus effect, not your guitar signal. It also has a very cool direct out, which means you can send a nice lush or wobbly chorus to one amp and a uneffected signal to another amp - which would give you a huge stereo spread guitar sound that will definitely turn heads (think early '90s Lukather). The actual quality of the chorus is very cool, without sounding all '80s. The best chorus I have tried (but do not own yet), is the one by Analog Man, and this MXR ZW pedal compares sound-wise very well. You have to run it on a power supply, because it will eat batteries quickly - but it's really very good.

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