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MXR XW90 Wylde Phaser Pedal

Issue #3

This is the latest of the Dunlop/MXR ZW signature pedals, and we were lucky to grab one of the first samples to arrive in the UK, shortly after its launch. An effect like a phaser is a cool effect but in short bursts only because it can become very tiresome very quickly. I own an old MXR Phase 45, which sounds more like a Univibe than a phaser and is one of my favourite pedals (think '90s Mike Landau). This Wylde phase sounds very, very similar, and it wouldn't surprise me if it's the same circuit inside. There's just one knob on it, which controls the rate, so the amount of effect is set. At a lower speed, it gives a nice sweeping phase, which you could kick in every now and then. At higher speeds it does have that Univibe thing going on, which is really cool. I think I'd stick on one of those rubber covers for the rate knob, so that I could delicately adjust it with my foot to give some variation to the sweep (though probably not a good idea after a few wines!). A cool pedal, but as said, in short bursts.

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Issue #74

Jim Root

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