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Cry Baby Zakk Wylde Signature Wah Pedal

Issue #3

OK, this was an easy review because I've personally been using one of these ZW wahs for some time now. Over the years I have used many Cry Babys, including the vintage ones and the Keeley modded versions, and they always sound good - though strangely, they each had their own particular sound. I think that a wah's quality comes a lot from the player, and what guitar and amp is being used. Saying that, you need to be inspired by a sound to get the best from it, and I tried this wah purely because a friend who was struggling with playing guitar was swapping to bass and asked if I was interested in a ZW wah. I bought it without trying it, but when I did eventually plug it in, I was seriously surprised - it was like all my other Cry Babys in one.

Basically, this pedal sounds fat, and just gives you more of that wah sound, combined with a tiny boost to your signal, which is very musical and exactly what you need when you jump on a wah. It's not true bypass, but unlike my vintage wahs, I can detect no signal loss when the wah is not in use. Like the majority of Dunlop/MXR pedals, the buffering is high quality. It's also fairly quiet when it comes to hiss, so it's a great wah, and I use one myself - not because Zakk Wylde uses one, but because it sounds really very cool.

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Issue #74

Jim Root

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