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Vox Satriani Time Machine

Issue #2

Delays can a minefield and they're an essential component of the Satriani sound. While traditionalists crave the warm analogue sounds produced by 'bucket brigade' analogue devices used in early delays, modern examples can offer a far greater range of effects and do so more or less noiselessly.  The Vox Time Machine was the second pedal the company created with Joe Satriani and aims to satisfy lovers of both styles of delay by having, like the Ice 9, 'Vintage' and 'Modern' settings accessible via a single switch.  The Vintage setting is supposed to take us back to the days of tape delays and while it isn't an instant Echoplex, it's pretty good.

The Time Machine offers quite variety of controls, including Level, Delay Range, Time and Feedback, plus an On switch, Vintage/Modern, Tap and a unique Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi switch. So what you get here is, again, a huge amount of versatility for your money - which seems to be the hallmark of this Vox series. The input/output arrangements were great too, especially if you're using a multi-amp set-up.

There's no getting around it - this Vox is a really fine quality delay pedal, as Danny's demo shows. It sounds superb when used with clean tones, yet performs just as well when the going gets a little more steamy - or, indeed, a lot more steamy, if that's your thing. But the real ace up its sleeve is the huge variety of effects you can get out of what is quite a reasonably priced pedal by today's standards.

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