Wi Digital Systems AudioLink Pro & Sure-Ears in-ear system

Now that digital wireless microphone transmitters and receivers are running in the worldwide free-for-all that is the 2.4GHz radio frequency band alongside microwave ovens, cordless phones, wifi routers and Bluetooth devices etc., the benefits of economies of scale and on-going developments in those other areas - which are many orders of magnitude larger than digital wireless mics - is really beginning to be felt in the MI and pro-audio markets.

In the past, innovations in the old UHF and VHF wireless microphone market tended to be the preserve of the big players - Audio-Technica, Shure, Sennheiser, AKG and the like - due to the investment needed to develop new products. However, with the size of the 2.4GHz wireless market worldwide driving the latest low-cost technology, innovation has become more important than a monstrous bank balance.

Early 2.4GHz wireless systems were, in form and function, essentially digital analogues of their analogue ancestors. Nowadays, innovative entrepreneurs are leveraging the miniaturisation being driven by other 2.4GHz market segments to produce smaller and, in terms of their feature sets, ever more powerful digital wireless mic systems.

One such company is California-based Wi Digital Systems, which was (in their own words) 'created to be at the leading edge in the development and manufacture of unique Pocket Portable Stereo Digital Wireless Systems, High-Definition In-Ear-Canal Reference Monitors, High Performance Miniature Microphones and Wearable Technologies for musicians, performers, videographers and educators.'

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