PRS SE Alex Lifeson Signature electro-acoustic

If you are seriously into guitar then you will be familiar with Alex Lifeson and his work with Rush and you will also be familiar with PRS Guitars. Lifeson has been a PRS player for some years and is one of the relative few who also play the company's exquisitely expensive private Stock Angelus acoustics. These are so highly priced that few can aspire to owning one but Lifeson and PRS have decided to offer at least a taste of the experience by marketing this Korean-made Thinline version at a far more affordable price. This, let it be said, is quite an ask! An Angelus is a very expensive guitar and this isn't - well, not very. So let's see how it gets on.

Pulling the PRS from its good quality hard case, it's an immediately attractive cutaway guitar, regardless of the signature on the headstock. The natural finish, complemented by the dark rosewood fingerboard and bridge, make this look a very classy looking instrument. Carrying over unique appointments from the original Alex Lifeson Private Stock Angelus, this SE however features a thinner body, by some margin. According to PRS, this 'Thinline' version is exactly what Alex Lifeson specified and what that means in practical terms is that the body depth has been reduced to 3 7/8'

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