Nick Jennison - Licks & Tricks Part 3

Join Nick Jennison for this game changing guitar improvisation lesson. Nick shows you how to get that ‘outside’ sound when playing blues guitar solos, through considered use and superimposition of the common blues scale.

Nick Jennison - Licks & Tricks Part 2

Nick Jennison teaches finger busting crossing picking , string skipping, alternate picking extravaganza, in this quick lick guitar lesson.

Nick Jennison - Licks & Tricks Part 1

Nick Jennison teaches you a quick and slick way to incorporate chromatics into your guitar licks and lines; particularly effective when used with fast shred legato passages.

Nick Jennison - Creating Drums On Acoustic Guitar

In this percussive acoustic guitar techniques lesson, Nick Jennison shows you how to emulate drums and drum patterns on your acoustic guitar body.

Nick Jennison - An Introduction To Slide Guitar

Get started with slide guitar playing in this beginners guide to playing slide guitar with Nick Jennison. Nick takes you through 5 top slide guitar tips.

Nick Jennison - The Four Chords Of The Apocalypse

Nick Jennison teaches you how to manipulate and create cool sounding chord progressions using the most popular 4 chord movement in popular and western music, in this harmony and chordal guitar lesson.