Tom Quayle - Developing Professional Technique: Part 1 - Finger Placement

Tom Quayle delivers part one of this unique series of professional guitar technique lessons. In the first instalment Tom invites you to think about some of the commonly overlooked aspects of guitar technique which could transform your guitar playing for the better. 

Nick Jennison - The Ultimate Guide To Melody & Phrasing: Part 1 - Note Choice & Placement

Nick Jennison explores creating melodic interest within your guitar solos using the vehicle of stability and instability; answering the question of which notes to set as a feature and when to play them when improvising.

Andy Wood - Country Guitar Part 1: Dominant Chord Sounds

This exclusive Andy Wood guitar lesson will get you started on the road to country guitar mastery. Top country guitar techniques and licks from the master!

Chris Buck Rock & Soul Part 1: Phrasing with Multi-Step Bends

Join Chris Buck for this ultimate soulful guitar phrasing lesson covering the expressive guitar tools you need to add feel and musicality to your guitar solos.

Andy James - Metal Edge Part 1: 10 Pentatonic Shred Licks

Andy James teaches 10 ground breaking fast pentatonic shred guitar licks in this metal guitar soloing lesson, aimed at helping you create long & fast guitar lines in your metal guitar solos.