Joe Satriani's Top Seven Deep Album Cuts

Published 4 months ago on October 22, 2023

By Jonathan Graham

Joe Satriani's Top Seven Deep Album Cuts

In the world of instrumental rock guitar music, few names live up to the impact and longevity of Joe Satriani. From the million-selling 'Surfing With The Alien' to Chickenfoot, not many six-string virtuosos have crossed into the mainstream consciousness quite like him.

Earlier this week, Satch celebrated the 30th anniversary of his 1993 release 'Time Machine' — and with that in mind, we thought we'd roll the clock back to focus on seven studio album bangers, as Joe ushers in the fourth decade of a prolific career that shows no signs of slipping standards.

With all that great music to choose from, we thought we'd skip the hits you all know and love and give special attention to seven of Satriani's somewhat overlooked gems from his extensive back catalogue.

Number 1: “Longing”

Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards (2010)

"Longing" is one of two bonus tracks from Joe Satriani's thirteenth studio album, Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards and was written during his time with "Supergroup' Chickenfoot(Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Chad Smith).

Featuring Mike Keneally on keys, the song contains a powerful and emotive chorus section, with the first six notes striking a remarkably similar vibe to Adele's mega-hit "Rolling in the Deep" — the latter releasing just a few months after Satriani's track. Great minds think alike, I guess?



Number 2: “New Blues

The Extremist (1992)

The tenth and final track on Satriani's Grammy-nominated fourth studio album, The Extremist. The laid-back "New Blues" is a somewhat overlooked composition on an album full of driving and upbeat anthems. However, Satch's Dorian-infused phrases throughout are not to be missed.

Recorded during the album's early studio sessions, the track feels very much like a collaborative live performance, however, Joe played pretty much everything on the track including guitar, keyboard, synthesizer, and bass, with session great, Simon Phillips providing the drum track.



Number 3: “Driving At Night”

Not of This Earth (1986)

Joe has always been incredible at creating powerful imagery through his music, and with track seven on Joe's debut, Not of This Earth this is no exception. Right from the opening bars of "Driving At Night" you are transported to a fast-moving highway, with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a Rubix cube...It is a very "80's" song after all.

As far as I'm aware, Satriani has never performed this one live, and it could be down to the extremely challenging multi-layer solo that kicks in around the two-minute mark.



Number 4: “Turkey Man”

Additional Creations (2000)

Featuring on Additional Creations, a bonus release that accompanied Satriani's eighth studio album, Engines of Creation in 2000.

"Turkey Man" will be recognisable to some for it's "stacked fifths" opening that was used to introduce "Rubina" on the 2001 Live in San Francisco live album (and "The Meaning of Love" during more recent tours). However, there is a lot more of the track to be appreciated,  including two legato-heavy solo sections.



Number 5: “Motorcycle Driver”

The Extremist (1992)

Another cut from The Extremist. Satriani's "Motorcycle Driver" has always been overshadowed by (arguably) Satriani's most famous track "Summer Song". Both contain an unyielding Mixolydian flavour, and if you have to choose to put just one in your live set, we all know which is coming out on top, right?

That being said, this track is fantastic; with a catchy hook, a blistering solo section and an outro that leaves you wanting more. "Motorcycle Driver" would have been a standout track had it been on any other Satriani record.



Number 6: “Love Thing”

Crystal Planet (1998)

With "Love Thing", (track four on Joe's seventh studio album Crystal Planet), Satriani uses a combination of impeccable melodic phrasing mixed with a gloriously oversaturated wah tone, to create a memorable vocal style melody. However, as good as the song is, it's been over fifteen years since it was last performed in front of an audience.

"Love Thing" isn't the only great instrument ballad to take the fourth spot on a Satch record, with "Cryin'" (The Extremist) and "Always with Me, Always with You" (Surfing with the Alien) appearing here on their respective albums tracklisting.



Number 7: “If”

Joe Satriani (1995)

Sonically, a departure from Satriani's previous albums, Satriani's self-titled sixth release was much more of a stripped-down Jam session, with many of the tracks composed in-studio during the recording sessions.

The album's second track, "If" is a great example of that, featuring Manu Katché, Nathan East and Andy Fairweather Low teaming up with Satch to create an incredibly organic track that gives everyone involved their opportunity to shine.



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