Rich Robinson | INTERVIEW

Published 3 months ago on November 18, 2023

By Jonathan Graham

 Calling all Black Crowes fans! Martin Guitar is proud to bring you the Rich Robinson Custom Signature Edition D-28. This model is a guitar player's dream. This soulful representation of Robinson's beloved 1954 D-28 is crafted with aged satin-finished East Indian rosewood for the back and sides and an aged Sitka spruce top that is finished with a very thin vintage gloss. Gi caught up with Rich Robinson as this year's NAMM Show—check out the video below for the full interview.


In 1990, when journalists were lamenting the death of rock, as cheesy pop and hair metal dominated the charts, Atlanta's Black Crowes gave the genre a swift and much-needed kick in the ass with 'Shake Your Money Maker.' Fueled by singles "Jealous Again," "Twice As Hard," "She Talks To Angels," and the break-through cover of Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle," the band immediately took the rock world by storm, topping Rolling Stone's "Best New American Band Readers Poll" in late 1990. The Black Crowes went on to release eight studio and four live albums, selling in the tens of millions along the way; they sold out shows around the world; had legendary guitarist Jimmy Page join as a member; got kicked off a tour with ZZ Top for insulting the sponsor; got screwed by bad record deals; got married and divorced, fought amongst themselves and against the rest of the world. In other words, they've done everything a legendary rock group should do. 


With a track record of success like that, a signature guitar or two is more than earned—and with that in mind, Martin Guitar is proud to announce the Rich Robinson Custom Signature Edition D-28. Based on Robinson's 1954 D-28, that originally belonged to The Black Crowes' guitarist's father, it is the first signature guitar Martin has built h replicates the artist's personal instrument down to the wear and tear from decades of playing. Robinson affectionately named the model "The Appalachian" in homage to his father, who played it on stage at the Grand Ole Opry; as a traveling musician with the Hillbilly Highway; and in his folk band, The Appalachians, during the 1950s and '60s. 


"This guitar, which was passed down to me from my father, is the instrument I learned to play guitar on," Robinson said. "It is the instrument on which I wrote our songs, and I played on every Black Crowes' record. When Martin approached me about a signature model, I thought, what an amazing tribute to have for him. That's why I named it "The Appalachian," a nod to my dad and his influence on me."


Featuring rearward-shifted non-scalloped bracing, which offers a very balanced tone and added volume—the Rich Robinson Custom Signature Edition D-28 includes some 1950s style vintage build characteristics, like Martin's signature dovetail neck joint, authentic hide glue construction, an ebony fingerboard and bridge, and aged nickel tuners. Another custom feature requested by Robinson is a bridge with the wings slightly softened for comfort. The model includes a specially designed label signed by Robinson and numbered in sequence. 


Creating this signature model was no small feat, but after a year of development, the design team at Martin got the look, feel, and sound just right. "When I play this guitar, it rings: it feels incredibly accurate, so close to the original," Robinson beamed. "I wanted to make sure it had the same tuners, the same style of neck, and the same bridge. The way that it sings, the way that it all presents itself, it's just phenomenal, and I couldn't be happier with it."


Of course, C. F. Martin & Co. has been inspiring musicians worldwide for nearly two centuries with their superior guitar and string products. Martin guitars and strings remain the choice for musicians around the world for their unrivaled quality, craftsmanship, and tone. Throughout the company's long history, Martin products can be seen and heard across all genres of music and in all segments of pop culture, from concert and theater stages to television and movies.


With an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices, Martin continually drives the acoustic guitar market forward, introducing innovative features that have become standards across the industry. These groundbreaking innovations include the introduction of X-bracing, the 14-fret guitar, and the "Dreadnought" size guitar.


For more information on the Rich Robinson Custom Signature Edition D-28, please visit: www.martinguitar.com/


& for more information on the Black Crows, please visit: www.theblackcrowes.com




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