Andy James

UK metal guitar virtuoso Andy James has been at the forefront of blistering shred guitar for over a decade. His uncompromising approach and contribution to the world of technical metal guitar has inspired thousands of players to up their game. With a technique which has stunned fellow metal heads for years, learning from Andy is a rare and valuable experience.

Rick Graham

Renowned for his show stopping technical prowess, coupled with a highly sophisticated sense of melody and harmony, Rick Graham has become one of the most prominent figures in the guitar virtuoso community. If pushing your guitar playing to its upper limits is your goal, then learning from Rick is a step in the right direction.

Andy Wood

Equally at home as both a Rock & Country guitar virtuoso, Andy Wood is the ideal tutor with which to make the transition into country guitar playing and its unique techniques & approaches. Having gained a huge following and performing with some of the biggest names in the guitar world, Andy is truly a master of his art.

Chris Buck

Known for his incredible touch, feel and tone, Welsh blues guitar prodigy Chris Buck has set the world on fire with his soulful playing and electrifying performances. Chris has championed blues guitar in recent years with his brand of traditional musicality and modern sound.

Michael Casswell

Michael Casswell’s finesse, musicality and style on the instruments remains the talk of guitar players worldwide. His Pro Concepts lesson series is an invaluable collection of Mike’s years of guitar wisdom gained as a professional guitarist; sharing the stage with rock royalty such as Brian May and Cozy Powell.

His passing in 2016 saw the loss of a true musical talent, well respected teacher and much loved friend to many.

Sam Bell

Known for his tech metal proficiency and virtuosity on the 7 & 8 string guitar, Sam Bell has also dedicated himself to the pursuit of all things melodic & musical. His lessons range from progressive modern metal guitar mastery to building a solid foundation as a confident guitar player. He has a wealth of knowledge regarding guitar gear and is a regular reviewer here at Gi.

Jamie Humphries

Jamie Humphries’ standing as a rock guitarist has seen him at the fore of guitar tuition for over 2 decades. His ability to imitate and uncover the playing of some of the greatest rock guitar players of all time and bringing their guitar secrets to aspiring players worldwide.

Giorgio Serci

As an award winning fingerstyle and classical guitarist, Giorgio represents the some of the finest acoustic guitar tuition and content available online. With his extensive fingerstyle guitar lesson series, exclusive to Guitar Interactive Magazine, Giorgio has put together a true path to acoustic guitar mastery for any aspiring player.

Tom Quayle

Having rewritten the rules on legato guitar playing and technique, Tom Quayle has become one of today’s leading figures in the world of fusion and virtuosic guitar world. Tom has also carved a place as an authority on all aspects of guitar gear and his reviews are seen as some of the best in the industry.

Nick Jennison

Nick Jennison is an acclaimed guitarist, singer, teacher and producer. His expertise in all things guitar tech sets him apart from the crowd, from pedals, amps and guitar to recording software, Nick is a source of knowledge to guide you through the world of guitar gear. His virtuoso guitar skills and formal teaching background have placed him at the cutting edge of guitar tuition for the past decade.