Andy Wood Country Guitar

This exclusive Andy Wood guitar lesson will get you started on the road to country guitar mastery. Top country guitar techniques and licks from the master!

Stop your country guitar solos simply sounding like guitar scales with this Andy Wood country guitar licks & lines lesson, covering how to play less linear guitar phrases and licks.

Take inspiration from Bluegrass guitar playing to improve your picking technique in this alternate picking country guitar lesson with Andy Wood.

This Andy Wood country guitar lesson takes you through more guitar technique concepts to improve your alternate picking like a country guitar virtuoso.

This Andy Wood country lead guitar lesson teaches you how to play and use the essential country guitar technique of double stops in your guitar solos and licks.

Learn how to play more essential double stop country guitar licks and techniques in this Andy Wood country guitar lesson.

Andy Wood shows you how to master classic chicken pickin' sound into your country guitar playing and licks using triplets, in this country lead guitar lesson.

This Andy Wood top country guitar techniques lesson presents another great soloing ideas using open strings and hammer ons to play country guitar licks in the style of Albert Lee & Brent Mason.

Learn how to play pedal steel bending guitar licks & techniques in this country guitar lesson with virtuoso Andy Wood.

In this country guitar improvisation lesson, Andy Wood takes you through some more choice country guitar licks for playing over the all important dominant chord plus putting all your guitar techniques & ideas together.

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