Takamine CRNCS1

Published 3 years ago on September 14, 2020

By Jonathan Graham

Gi71...Quiet Room....Takamine CRNCS1

Takamine CRNCS1

Vid Count: 1 Native

Guitar Interactive star rating: 4


Stunning Wood/Appearance.

High-Quality Features

Classic Feel/Look



Some may feel the frets/radius are a little too on the vintage side if they are used to modern acoustics.

Takamine CRNCS1

MSRP (UK) £1499 (US) $TBC


Spruce Top

Solid Sapele Back & Sides

Mahogany Neck

Electronics: CT4B II

For more information, please visit:

Launched last year, Takamine brings us a modern instrument with incredible sonic-abilities, but with an authentic vintage look and feel. Sam Bell reviews the Takamine CRN-TS1.

Takamine is a legendary name in the world of acoustic guitar. Some of the first 'proper' acoustics I saw in real life were Takamine's, my old Guitar Tutor when I was seven had a Takamine, the Logo and the design takes me back! They are well known for their high-quality builds, quality features and versatile tone, not to forget liquid playability.

In this issue, I am fortunate enough to try out the Takamine CRN TS1, Dreadnought acoustic. This is a Japanese built instrument, and its quality is definitely reflected in the price range of this fantastic instrument.

First of, the specs. The guitar features a Slotted and angled headstock; the slotted headstock is kitted out with quality gold tuners and pearl style machine heads.  (The gold hardware is featured on the strap buttons as well) The angled headstock pulls the strings over the nut for more open string sustain and resonance. The 20 fret, fretboard is made from Ovangkol wood, and features beautiful yet straightforward fret markers, with double markers on the 7th and 12th fret. The frets are very low and there is a relaxed radius to this neck which makes it lovely for chordal work. The neck itself has a relaxed D shape and notes really pop from the fingerboard. Everything about this guitar so far showcases the vintage nature of this instrument's character both in looks and playability. The body meets the neck at the 12th fret, this is a big dreadnought body, which really accentuates the bottom end of the overall sound. The body top is made from a Solid Thermal Spruce, according to the website, this gives the guitar a 'played in vintage' tone. The back and sides are made from Sapele wood. All of this is finished in a natural gloss that really accentuates the woodgrain. The guitar comes loaded with its own onboard pre-amp, one of Takamines own, which features a 3 band EQ (Bass, Middle and Treble), Volume, Tuner and access to the 9 Volt battery cavity. It's also important to mention that this guitar comes with a super high-quality hardcase. All in all, the Guitar looks, sounds, plays, and smells amazing. Oozing high quality and vintage charm.

My thoughts about this instrument are clearly reflected in the video and the write up so far. The guitar is stunning, it most certainly has a classic vibe to it. I feel it would go down well in a recording studio as part of an arsenal of high-quality instruments or for the player wanting a classic and simple feel and look with plenty of personality. If you're in the market for an acoustic instrument that's a little different but yet familiar, check this tasty Takamine out!


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