Studiomaster Sense 12A Active Stage Monitor

Published 3 years ago on January 9, 2020

By Guitar Interactive Magazine



MSRP (UK) £249 (US) $TBC


Fantastic build quality.

Excellent price point.

Impressive peak output.


None I can see.


Voltage selector: 100V-240V

Dimensions: 400x436x323mm

Weight: 15kg

Based nowadays in Milton Keynes, Studiomaster have been hugely successful in recent years with their growing line of live sound loudspeakers and stage monitors. The new Sense stage monitor series – available in both active and passive variants - is a case in point. Here is Bob Thomas with the full review.

Designed to fit the requirements of both gigging musicians and hire companies, the Sense 12A packs a lot of practical functionality into its compact, low-profile enclosure. Protected by a sturdy steel grille, its 12” ferrite magnet woofer and 44mm neodymium magnet tweeter are set up in a coaxial configuration that ensures a tight, even 80°x80° dispersion pattern. This means that there’s a good-sized sweet spot in front of the 12A, and that your bandmates won’t be disturbed by hearing your monitor as well as their own.

The Sense 12A carries 300W RMS of amplification - 260W Class D on the woofer and 40W Class AB on the tweeter – the combination delivering 600W of program power and a 1200W peak output.

Angled at 43°, the Sense 12A’s cabinet is carpet covered to keep the inevitable “back-of-the-van” scratches at bay. The cab is also fitted with a standard top-hat so that you can put the 12A on stands both as side fills or as FOH speakers. If you’re a soloist or duo, buying three Sense 12A would give you a neat little stereo PA plus stage monitor setup capable of covering most pub and restaurant gigs for not a lot of money.

The Sense 12A incorporates a simple 2-input mixer with balanced combination jack/XLR connectors. Each input has its own level control, and can handle both line level (0dB) and microphone (-40dB) signals. A stereo minijack enables you to connect a mp3 player to replay background music or backing tracks – or even to use the Sense 12A as a FRFR (full-range, flat-response) cab for FX/amplifier modelling software on your iOS/Android device, A third XLR connector allows you to daisy-chain from the 12A to another 12A or other active cabinet

Active live sound loudspeakers are increasingly being fitted with DSP-based EQ and configuration facilities, and the Sense 12A follows that trend, with a 24-bit/48kHz DSP module and small LCD screen that gives you access to the monitor’s 3-band EQ, high-pass filter, limiter and signal delay functions. In addition you have two sets of configuration – Monitor or Full-range frequency bandwidths plus Normal (standmount) or Monitor positions. These two functions allow you to tailor the Sense 12A’s response to its intended use and to then compensate for its positioning on the floor if it’s being used as a stage monitor.

Overall, the Sense 12A turns out to be a loud, compact, low-profile, great-sounding monitor that delivers an impressive performance at a pretty attractive retail price point.

Unless you need mind-bending monitor levels on stage, the Studiomaster Sense 12A active stage monitor is a loudspeaker that you really need to have a listen to. I think that you’ll be impressed - I certainly am.


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