Shergold Provocateur SP01-SD & SP02-SD

Published 4 years ago on January 9, 2020

By Guitar Interactive Magazine


Shergold Provocateur SP01-SD & SP02-SD


MSRP (SP01-SD) £829 (SP02-SD) £829


Great Build Quality

Stunning Looks and Playability

Modern Yet Classic Tones

Gig Bag


None whatsoever!


Mahogany Body a Neck

Bolt-on Neck

Ebony Fingerboard and binding

Weight: 3.18Kg

Designed in the UK by British guitar luthier Patrick James Eggle. Shergold delivers us the latest instalment in the modern re-invention of the legendary brand, with the Provocateur SP01SD and Provocateur SP02SD. Review by Sam Bell.

Shergold announced in early 2019 their new Provocateur range of guitars which feature a single cut design and initially the range will be based around two pickup configuration over three different designs. This range of guitars were designed by Legendary UK Guitar Builder, Patrick James Eggle. This new model series is set to be a success. On my recent visit to Guitar Interactive HQ, I had the pleasure of sitting down and trying out the SP01 in Through Black and the SP02 in Dirty Blonde. This range of guitars features Seymore Duncan Pickups. The SP01 sports a ‘Pearly Gates’ Humbucker in the Bridge Position and P90 in the neck. The SP02 gives us two ’59 Humbuckers. The colour and pickup configuration is the only main difference between these two models; otherwise, the guitars are built from the same Mahogany Body, Roasted Mahogany Neck and Macassan Maple Fingerboard. The paintwork in the flesh looks fantastic; a slight transparent finish lets us see the Mahogany under the paint. With the Through Black SP01 we get a red-ish tint to the guitar, while the Dirty Blonde you can see the grains of the wood underneath, giving an almost Ice Cream Cookie Dough like effect. Lovely stuff. This in conjunction with the roasted mahogany neck makes the guitars look stunning. No details have been spared here, the fretboard inlays, the hardware, locking tuners all add to the overall high-quality build of this range of guitars. And all at a very reasonable price for what you are getting, did I mention these guitars came in a really high-quality Shergold Plush Gig Bag? Awesome touch!

Now, into the main room of the party, the sound and playability. These Guitars not only look great, but they sound authentic and play very nicely indeed. The neck is a fairly fat C shape neck. However, it doesn’t feel like a baseball bat and the radius of the fingerboard is pretty flat, the combination of the two gives us more tone, grip for bends/chords and enough room to comfortably bend strings and play more technical passages with more ease. The guitar itself is very light as well, it sits comfortably on the leg and I can’t imagine it giving you back problems 15 minutes into your set! The 22 fret neck has a little cutaway access towards the upper frets, however, I feel there is a strong emphasis on this guitar having a modern yet classic vibe, so there is plenty of guitar there to resonate, which leads me onto tone. Of course, both guitars have slightly different personalities, the SP01 is probably the most versatile one in my personal opinion. The Pearly Gates Bridge Humbucker gives us a tighter lower Mid-range and a medium output that can bite when you play hard. The S90 is what you would except from an P90 style pickup, fat and warm single coil like tone that also enjoys been drive. On the SP02 we are treated to a pair of Seymour Duncan ’59 Humbuckers, which give us a classic Humbucker sound, a little darker and more midrange with a slightly more saggy feel, sounds awesome for Bluesy Rock playing and more! Did I mention that apparently these pickups are coil tapped with push/pull operation? Yup, these Guitars are super versatile!

So in summary, I’d say these are well worth a look in if you’re looking for a high quality, unique and versatile Single Cut design guitar. I am very impressed, you should go to your local guitar store and demand to have one brought to you immediately!


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