Published 11 years ago on May 1, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

So when the Pedalsnake came in for review, my first response was anger - anger at myself for not having found out about it sooner.

Nick Jennison

MSRP From £59


Carries signal, switching or power lines between your pedals and amp

Clean, tidy and lightweight

Incredibly versatile




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Madison and Fifth

Guitar Interactive star rating: 5 stars


Looking for the perfect solution to that mess of cables you call an effect set up? PedalSnake may very well be right up your street. Here's Nick Jennison with the full review.

Those of you familiar with my personal gear will know that my pedalboard is pretty enormous. It’s also unreasonably heavy, and a big part of that weight is all of the “non-pedal” stuff - specifically the three bulky Voodoo Lab power supplies slung under the board and the seven 30ft cables that run back and forth from my amp.

Yes, seven seems like a lot, but I’m running some effects in front of the amp, others in the loop, yet another to feed my IEMs, one MIDI cable and two TRS cables to switch channels on my amp. If I were running in stereo or wet/dry, it’d be even more. So when the Pedalsnake came in for review, my first response was anger - anger at myself for not having found out about it sooner.

It’s a single cable with multiple interchangeable ends that runs between your pedalboard and your amp. Available in two lengths (18 and 24 feet) with either four or seven ends, and it can be configured in a whole variety of different ways using the various connectors Pedalsnake offer. Any end can be either:

-    A single guitar jack

-    A pair of guitar jacks (for effects send and return)

-    A TRS jack (for amp switching)

-    A MIDI cable

-    A single or dual power line.

Basically, you can connect just about any configuration of pedals and amps using a single Pedalsnake, but what’s even more interesting is that it can carry power to your pedals. You can have your wall wart at the back of the stage by the amp. Even more impressively, it can carry the 24v required to power a whole chain of Strymon Ojai PSUs - making for huge current supply to your 9v, 12v and 18v pedals without needing a power outlet next to your pedals. All this without a trace of power noise.

I wish I could tell you how the Pedalsnake sounds, but there’s really nothing to report here. It sounds completely transparent and noise-free, with no change to the guitar’s core tone.

Pedalsnake is one of those products that’s a total no-brainer for me. It costs about the same as amassing the equivalent number of high-quality cables, but it’s so much lighter, tidier and more versatile. Expect to see one on my personal board very soon!

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