Mooer SD50A | REVIEW

Published 3 years ago on December 7, 2020

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Mooer SD50A

MSRP: (UK) £369 / (US) $TBC

After the successful development of the SD modelling guitar combos, Mooer now has a combo amp especially for acoustic guitarists - the SD50A. Sam Bell tell us more.

Mooer is well known for its compact and affordable guitar Effects units, recently releasing their own amp modelling/multi F.X. compact pedalboard. And now they are creating affordable gear for the performing acoustic guitarist.

Equipped with a dual-channel, analog preamp for guitar and microphone, the combo delivers every tiny touch and dynamic of your playing and singing. The SD50A combines a 1" tweeter with an 8" full range, flat response (FRFR) speaker to reproduce every detail of the sound as best as possible. In addition, digital modulation, delay and reverb effects are available so that you don't have to rely on additional, external effects pedals. Thanks to the XLR DI output, the combo can also be used in all conceivable live situations. The SD amps have a unique Jam section that contains a whole suite of tools for solo performers and creative aficionados alike, such as an integrated looper, sync-able drum machine and Bluetooth or 3.5 mm Aux input connection for playback of your favourite audio tracks from an external device.

The SD50A two channels (One Jack, One XLR) feature an independent three band E.Q.'s and feedback busters, with each channel also utilising its own great Reverb, Delay and Chorus effects. The amp itself is super lightweight, and at 50 watts it packs quite a punch for such a small package.

If all this wasn't enough, the SD50A also comes with a built-in drum machine, featuring 16 different loops to get help inspired and keep time with, a tuner and a looper function. The looper function is controlled with a Bluetooth footswitch which comes with the amp and is powered independently by a 9 Volt battery.

This is one lightweight, super affordable and feature-packed acoustic amp. It's definitely something for entry-level acoustic guitarists looking to amplify their acoustic sound at home or at the local open mic.

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