Lovepedal Rubber Chicken

Published 5 years ago on May 3, 2018

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

The ‘Q’ adjustment focuses the frequency of the spectrum control making it more specific and cutting in a particular frequency range or less depending on your preferences!

Sam Bell


Inspiring talk box/auto wah pedal

Quality Build



None, it’s the Rubber Chicken.


Volume Control

Spectrum Control

Sensitivity Pre

Q filter adjustment

True Bypass

Guitar Interactive star rating:  4.5 stars

Lovepedal Rubber Chicken

MSRP £TBC (UK)  $129 (US)

Often guitar pedals are given odd names that don’t always translate to how they sound, but in this circumstance, we at Gi are happy to report that this certainly isn’t one of those occasions, as Sam Bell reviews the Rubber Chicken from Lovepedal Custom Effects.

Lovepedal's Rubber Chicken is effectively a talk box which adds a ‘wah’ like character (for lack of a better-worded explanation!) to the attack of notes depending on your picking velocity. This lends this fantastic pedal into many forms of expressive rhythmic and single note playing by transforming the sound as you play. It can sound a little bit like an auto wah, but it can also sound like a talk box, especially when you get a bit of overdrive behind it. Be sure to check out the video portion of this review to hear it in action; I also challenge any readers trying out this pedal to not make the same facial expressions as I do in the video when playing this pedal, it’s hard not to ‘talk’ with the guitar. It indeed is very inspiring to play through and could be used creatively in many different musical situations.

The pedal features a few controls, the first few controlling where on the frequency range the pedal focuses on emphasising, a little bit like leaving a wah pedal on a certain tipping point. This is labelled as ‘spectrum control’ which sits next to the sensitivity control which controls how it responds to your pick attack, you can be quite subtle and have it only kick in when really digging in, or you can have it quacking all over the place. The ‘Q’ adjustment focuses the frequency of the spectrum control making it more specific and cutting in a particular frequency range or less depending on your preferences! And then, of course, a volume which controls the volume of the effect. With these few simple controls, a whole range of expression is at your fingertips with this sound. It certainly inspired me to play differently depending on where I set it! I enjoyed using it for funky rhythms and ‘bass lines’ on the guitar. I can imagine this being a fantastic addition to any funk/jam band musicians arsenal of effect pedals, but I can also see it being used in many more ways than this!

The pedal has a below average size pedalboard footprint and is housed in a rugged quality casing making it perfect for squeezing onto the gigging musician's pedalboard. It is true bypass, features a 9v power input or can be powered with 9v batteries depending on how you feel. It also has a very bright LED which is perfect for different stage environments!

I would highly recommend this pedal to the guitarist looking for a quality auto-wah pedal, or a way of adding a new area of expression into various aspects of their playing style. I think if you are reading this review so far anyway, this pedal is for you! So what you waiting for, go check one out now, they are limited edition and available directly from Lovepedal at an incredibly reasonable price for such a high-quality pedal!




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