Kustom Sienna Pro 30W 1x10 | REVIEW

Published 2 years ago on April 4, 2021

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Kustom Sienna Pro 35W 1x10

MSRP: (UK) £189 / (US) $219

Combining some seriously good looks with great tone, Kustom's Sienna Pro series acoustic instrument amplifiers can easily inspire in a live or home setting. Featuring brand new speakers exclusively developed for the Sienna Pro Series, the Kustom Sienna Pro 30W 1x10 works to retain each instrument's unique harmonic content while contributing a sparkling quality to the sound. Here's Sam Bell with the full review.

The Kustom Sienna 35 Pro is a highly affordable acoustic guitar amp, featuring over 30-watts of power, eight built-in Modulation/Reverb Effects three-band EQ, Notch Control and jack two inputs (line/mic & guitar). Around the back, we have a headphone/line out and speaker out options.

The sound from the 1x10 speaker (I accidentally said 8-inch speaker in the video review, doh!) fills the room nicely, and the EQ/Notch control's respond well to your acoustic guitar, giving you flexibility over your tone. The Notch control can also help with dialling out any troublesome frequencies that might cause feedback. The effects give us different types of reverb/chorus combinations, from a lush hall reverb with chorus to a slapback room sound; these FX can be mixed in using the level control. This definitely helps expand on your guitar sound, offering up a wide range of combinations to suit just about any acoustic tone...and all this at a stunning price.

The unit itself is very lightweight and the build is pretty sturdy. I'd easily recommend for some small acoustic gigs filling smaller rooms. Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for your first acoustic guitar amp, it's affordable and it looks and sounds great!

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