Ibanez AEWC300N

Published 3 years ago on September 14, 2020

By Jonathan Graham

Ibanez AEWC300N

MSRP: (UK) £454 / (US) $749


Combining a chic look and a powerful sound, the Ibanez AEWC300N has been making some strong impressions in the nylon-string world since it's release. Featuring a spruce top and maple back and sides that ensures a warm and balanced sound; the AEWC300N also has a cutaway, allowing easier access to the higher frets. Sam Bell gives us the full rundown.

Ibanez is well known for their super strat style guitars, often paving the way of modern guitar technology, from their innovative RG, S and AZ ranges, through to their beautiful Artcore models and extended range instruments. Ibanez has always been the trendsetters. But one thing that often gets overlooked is the quality, playability and value of their acoustic and nylon string ranges of guitar.

In this issue of Guitar Interactive, I brought in my own Ibanez AEWC300N; this guitar has been invaluable in my collection as a professional guitarist. I wanted a quality nylon-string instrument for Recording & Sessions. However, I didn't want to splash out too much. Enter the AEWC300N; this is a guitar packed with quality features, great looks and a very reasonable price tag. I'm not the only Gi contributor with this exact guitar, Fusion Virtuoso Tom Quayle also has this model and loves it just the same!

First off, let's take a look at what this guitar is really made of. The body sports a flamed maple back and sides with a solid spruce top (with a lovely burst finish) and the fingerboard and bridge are made from Laurel. The body has a unique cutaway which moves around the back of the body, allowing free access way above the 12th fret. The guitar is loaded with a Fishman Sonicore pickup in the body which is controlled by the onboard Ibanez AEQ Pre-Amp (Bass, Treble, Volume and Tuner) which is linked up to an XLR or ¼ Inch Jack Output. It looks stunning in the flesh, and sounds fantastic.

The playability, of course, is something else that sold me, Ibanez is known for their Necks, whether it's the classic Wizard Neck for full shred, or the modern AZ neck for a mix of pure comfort, tone and flexibility. The AEWC300N neck is flat radius, with standard nylon string spacing for fingerstyle techniques and the neck is big enough for sustain but thin enough to get your hands around the neck for technical passages and chord voicings.

If you're finding yourself interested in divining into the world of Nylon String Guitar, I'd seriously consider checking out the AEWC300N. As usual, Ibanez delivers great value for money without sacrificing the quality, sound and appearance of the instrument. I may be biased as I own this guitar, however, for a rough retail price of around £450, (approx) this is a great choice for players looking to have a quality nylon string in their arsenal.


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