Published 3 years ago on January 9, 2020

By Guitar Interactive Magazine



MSRP (UK) £219 (US) $399


Great value for money (Features/Quality).

Fantastic playability.

Looks great.


Some may find the brighter tone a little thin for their liking.


Sapele Back & Side

Spruce Top

Ibanez AEQ-2T Preamp with 2-band EQ and onboard tuner

The latest addition to Ibanez's growing range of electro-acoustic guitars, Sam Bell reviews the AEG8E Electro Acoustic Guitar in Transparent Blue. Whether you're a beginner guitarist or a seasoned pro looking for a reliable gigging model, this guitar is surely a worthy addition to any player's arsenal.

Ibanez is perhaps known mostly for their Electric RG, AZ, and Hollow Body range of Guitars. But they also pack a punch in the Acoustic Department, especially for highly affordable Acoustic Guitars. I had the pleasure of trying out the Ibanez AEG8E in a lovely Transparent Blue Sunburst.

The AEG series features a slender, single-cutaway body made from a Spruce Top, Sapele Back and Sides. The neck is made from Okoume with an impressive-feeling satin finish and Purpleheart Fretboard/Bridge. These guitars feature an AEQ-2T preamp with a simple onboard EQ (Bass, Treble, Volume and Tuner) Ibanez Guitars are known for their playability, and this guitar is no exception. The slimmer body and thinner neck give it a slightly more 'electric' feel; it also makes it very comfortable to sit with. It worth mentioning this guitar retails for around £220, it's a lot of guitar for the price. I'd recommend it to players starting out on their Electro Acoustic Journey, and it's very affordable and easy to play. The guitar came out of the box with an excellent low action with no buzz, a testament to Ibanez's quality control, especially on these lower price range models of Instrument.

Sound-wise the Guitar is very Bright, due to the thinner smaller body there is a much more percussive element to the sound, especially plugged in. The onboard preamp EQ is helpful for shaping the sound depending on taste and situation.

In summary, this is a fantastic affordable entry-level Acoustic Guitar that will tick a lot of boxes for Guitarists starting their journey. The slim neck and body will appeal to players with smaller frames and those who are starting out their fretboard journey. The thinner neck will certainly aid those in the quest for their first clean Bar Chords. Also, with the preamp being very useful, it would be a great entry level guitar for those looking to start playing bars, open mics. Well worth checking out! Ibanez can do no wrong!


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