Fusion Urban series double guitar bag

Published 8 years ago on December 10, 2015

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Fusion isn't a newcomer to GI's pages. We were really impressed, way back in issue five, with a guitar bag which Tom Quayle looked at for us. Since then, the small British based company has been beavering away producing extremely clever and well designed bags and it seemed like time to re-visit them. Fusion makes bags for an enormous range of instruments and applications and the new Double Electric Guitar Bag is the flagship of their new Urban Series of hybrid guitar bags - although calling this product a guitar bag is a bit like calling an Aston Martin a car!

The Double Electric’s sturdy construction, 20mm of high-density foam padding and the tough, water-resistant exterior made from a non-PVC backed material make it almost as solid as many a hard case. It even has heavy-duty rubberised pads on the base and headstock ends of the case to protect those areas from the knocks and bumps of being picked up and put down that a busy bag goes through every day.

Like any gig-bag, the Double Electric can be carried as a backpack and - wonderfully - it has waist and chest belts to help keep it in place and to stop the straps slipping off your shoulders. There’s also loads of storage space, so you can take the strapping off and carry the Double Electric like a normal guitar case.

When it comes to holding guitars there are two compartments, one of which is  slightly deeper than the other, so you could put, say, a Les Paul in the deeper one and a Stratocaster in the shallower one. Each compartment has a removable, padded, Velcro-equipped neck holder that can be positioned inside the compartments to best suit the guitars being carried. Two Velcro-secured flaps hold the neck firmly.

The deeper compartment has a removable, padded, Velcro-equipped collar running almost all the way around its interior which you can shape to the outline of your guitar to hold it even more firmly in place. A selection of padded strips can be positioned in either compartment to hold accessories in place, so you could use one compartment to carry a guitar and partition up the other to carry your pedals, tuners, leads and other accessories - or even clothes!

If you’ve got your Double Electric bag full up with guitars and other bits and pieces, but you still need more carrying capability worry not, for Fusion has your back - almost literally - with their Urban Series backpacks.

Available in three sizes - small medium and large - these backpacks have plenty of space for all kinds of clothing and personal possessions including (in the large size) a laptop. If you’re taking both guitar bag and backpack to a gig, you don’t even have to choose which one you want to carry on your back, as heavy duty Velcroed straps allow you to securely “Fuse-On” (geddit?) backpacks - small up at the headstock end and large over the body- to the Double Electric guitar bag.



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