Published 3 months ago on June 26, 2023

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Eventide TriceraChorus Pedal
MSRP: (UK) £299 / (US) $299

The TriceraChorus pedal from Eventide is a vintage-inspired tri-chorus stompbox that delivers all of the syrupy-smooth deep modulation you crave for your guitar, bass, synth, strings, vocals, and beyond. Engineered with rich bucket brigade-style chorusing and Eventide's MicroPitch detuning, the TriceraChorus offers a watery, customizable chorus sound like no other. Nick Jennison tells us more.

Eventide is the master of taking a relatively simple concept and throwing the entire kitchen sink at it: offering players every option for tonal tweaker they could possibly want and several they didn't know they wanted. This is probably most evident in their flagship "do it all" H9, but no less apparent in their deliciously deep "single effect" pedals like the Ultratap, MicroPitch and Black Hole.

But surely a chorus pedal can't be that deep, right? Well, dear reader, if you thought Eventide was going to give you a sky blue box with speed and depth knobs, you haven't been paying attention. Inspired by classic '70s and '80s rack units, the Tricerachorus has no less than three separate chorus - one on the left, one on the right, one up the middle. With chorus, vibrato and chorale voices, a separate detune effect and an extra chewy "swirl" mode, the possibilities with this pedal are endless.

Despite all of this complexity, the controls on the Tricerachorus are very intuitive indeed. You have master mix and rate controls (the former doubling as a "mode" control), a separate mix control for the detune effect, and individual depth controls for the left, centre and right channels. If you want to go deeper, you can access another level of tweakery with the alternate control functions, activated with the dedicated button next to the detune knob. If you have a specific sound in mind, it's really easy to dial it in, but it's much more rewarding to just get stuck in and start turning knobs.

Once you have your perfect wobble dialled in, you can save your settings to one of five preset slots, which you can easily recall with the right footswitch, or even via MIDI if that's your bag. You can also connect an expression pedal which will allow you to "morph" between two different settings in a single preset.

If you're looking for the absolute deepest and most expansive modulation sounds, you're going to want to check out the "swirl" function. Activated with the right footswitch, this mode adds a chewy, phase-shifted throb to your tone that reminds me of 2000s era Incubus. It's a very addictive sound, and having that extra "gear" of modulation available at the tap of a footswitch is very cool.

The Eventide Tricerachorus is a killer sounding chorus, vibrato and detune pedal, but it's also way, way more than that. If you're not afraid to get in and start tweaking, you'll be rewarded with some of the lushest, swirliest modulation you've ever heard.

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