Eventide Black Hole Reverb

Published 3 years ago on December 21, 2020

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Eventide Black Hole Reverb

MSRP: (UK) £279 / (US) $279

Transcend typical reverb sounds and explore unique soundscapes with the Eventide Blackhole reverb pedal. Create massive drones with two different types of infinite reverb, allowing you to layer sounds over a suspended reverb tail—dial-in modulation for multi-voice, chorus-like animation. Sam Bell gives us the full breakdown.

Eventide is well known for its innovation in guitar effects technology. The Blackhole reverb is no exception to their outstanding output; this pedal is truly out of this word. Packed with tons of features, it would be tricky for any reviewer to cover everything about this amazing unit. However, I shall do my best!

First off let's discuss what the pedal actually does, the Blackhole Reverb is a very expressive and diverse ambient effects pedal. Whilst referred to as a Reverb Pedal; this also has options for Delay and Modulation (plus more!) From adding a slight bit of ambience to your tone to creating huge ethereal pad-like sounds, the aptly named Blackhole Reverb pedal really does take you beyond.

The pedal has a stereo out (can be used Mono or used stereo with mono switch on depending on how you want to run it) USB Connectivity to further get into your sounds and how the pedal works via the Eventide App. There's also an expression pedal input for further control over the parameters of the pedal in real-time. All this with a 9v input for power!

The control knobs feature a Mix knob (to move between wet and dry effect, this works well in stereo for wet/dry setups) the gravity control changes between a reverse/forward reverb/delay sound, this knob also doubles as the Delay control knob to control the Delay effect. Feedback affects the feedback of the Delay and Reverb; this can be Frozen using the 'Freeze' foot control. This knob also doubles as a Q control for the Low and High EQ knobs. The Size knob controls the size of the reverb (how big the imagined room is, this can go extreme!) This also doubles as a Depth control for the modulation on the Verb/Delay sounds. The Lo knob focuses on the Low end of the ambient effect; this also doubles as a Rate control on the modulation. The Hi knob controls the high end of the ambient effect but also doubles as the overall effect output level vs the dry level. We're also able to save pre-set sounds on this pedal, up to 5 on the unit itself and up to 127 if you're using midi. These controls all can be further tweaked when coupled with the Eventide Device Manager.

In the short time I had with the pedal, it was easy enough to get around and start making inspiring tones. I'm sure with more time I could start to use this pedal like an extension of the instrument itself, and there is where I think the beauty of this pedal lies, you can create incredibly surreal ambient spaces with this unit. I found the quality of the pedal in a 'basic' reverb setting enough to inspire new chord progressions and soundscapes. I'd love to have one on my board for sure! Definitely worth checking out for the Tone Physicists out there!

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