Warwick/Framus & Valuephone to Auction Signed Framus Hollywood Guitar

Published 10 years ago on July 26, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Warwick/Framus & Valuephone to Auction Signed FramusHollywood Guitar -

Warwick & Framus are lending their support to an auction ofa brand new Framus Vintage Hollywood guitar signed by 25 high-classmusicians. The company Valuephone GmbH will be auctioning theguitar, which is valued at approximately 1,000 Euros, for a goodcause. Using the charity auction website "United Charity" bids canbe placed online from July 25, 2013 to September 7, 2013. Theentire proceeds of the auction will be split evenly between theproject "Kinderschutzengel: PC am Krankenbett" ("A guardian angelfor childen: providing computers for children's hospital beds") andthe children's hostel Tannenmühle in Markneukirchen. Themanagements of the Valuephone Company and Warwick & Framus areboth the initiators and the volunteer organizers of theauction.

The guitar has been signed by several world-famous guitaristsand bassists such as Lee Sklar, Robert Trujillo, Wolf Hoffmann,T.M. Stevens and Stevie Salas. Each signature was obtainedindividually by Warwick CEO Hans-Peter Wilfer who took the guitarwith him to trips to the USA. The donor of the guitar is theValuephone management. All guitar and music fans who either do notwish to bid online, or are unable to do so, can also submit theirbids by contacting the organizers.

The auction proceeds will provide support to two charityprojects for children. The project "Kinderschutzengel: PC amKrankenbett" gives critically ill children, who would normally beunable to attend school, access to the classroom at a single mouseclick. As a result, the project enables them to participate ineveryday life to a considerable extent. The project was started in2009, initially at the German Heart Institute in Berlin.

The children's hostel "Tannenmühle" is located in Erlbach, whichis a municipality of the town of Markneukirchen located in theVogtland area in Saxonia. The hostel, which focuses onorthopaedagogy, is a place for children, teens and young adults whocan no longer stay with their families."Tannenmühle" provides careand education for children, both in school and outside of school inorder to allow them to feel safe and accepted. "I really loveplaying in the hostel band, I play electric guitar. Also, I reallylike the beautiful forest around us." (Thomas, 11 years old, quotedfrom the hostel's website). Both charity projects are located neara one of the two valuephone offices in Germany. The head office ofvaluephone is located in Berlin, whereas most of the softwaredevelopment takes place in Schöneck, Saxony.

Signed Framus Hollywood Guitar Back


The auction will enter its final stage during the Bass Camp 2013(hosted by Warwick in cooperation with Gitarre & Bass magazine)and Warwick's Open House Day on September 7, 2013 inMarkneukirchen. The finale of the auction will take place in thefactory of the electric guitar and bass manufacturer, and will alsobe viewable online.

All bids can be submitted on the United Charity website at United Charity

Musicians' signatures to be found on the guitar:

Leland Sklar
Robert Trujillo
Bill Lawrence
John B. Williams
Wolf Hoffmann
Peter Baltes
Alphonso Johnson
Steve Bailey
Norwood Fisher
Jonas Hellborg
Kevin Brandino
TM Stevens
Martin Duckstein            
Scott Reeder
Ryan Martinie
Divinity Roxx
Robb Torres
Jeff Berlin
Guy Pratt
Emma Anzai
Stevie Salas
Blackbyrd McKnight
Uli Jon Roth 


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