Vox Introuce Modeling Guitar Amplifier with Built-In Rhythm Patterns

Published 10 years ago on July 17, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Vox Introuce Modeling Guitar Amplifier with Built-InRhythm Patterns  -

Introducing the new MINI5 Rhythm - the incredibly lightweightand compact Modeling Guitar Amplifier that lets you jam along orpractice with its built-in a wide range of rhythm patterns.

Two colour variation models for the MINI5 Rhythm are nowavailable. The MINI5 Rhythm IV features a beautifully-contrastingivory and black metallic front grille. The MINI5 Rhythm CL uses thetraditional VOX diamond grille cloth, projecting a classicatmosphere that is reminiscent of the AC30.

The VOX MINI series modeling amps are lightweight, compact, andbattery-powered, offering realistic sound anytime, anywhere. TheMINI5 Rhythm offers 11 amp sounds inherited from the popular andacclaimed Valvetronix series, plus eight effects and a new rhythmfunction. You can choose from 99 different variations of rhythmpatterns to back your performance or practice along to. The compactbody also packs plenty of additional functionality such as a micinput, AUX input, and a dedicated E-string tuner, letting you playyour guitar with the high quality tone you'd expect from VOX.

VOX 5 Mini
A rich variety of amp models and effects

There are 11 realistic amp models taken from the flagshipValvetronix series that support a broad range of styles and playingtechniques, including perfect simulations of the legendary VOX AC30that capture the sense of drive typical of vacuum tubes, as well asmodels of intensely powerful high-gain amps and transparent, cleantypes. New to the series is a built-in VOX original "Bassilator"circuit, which covers the ultra-low-frequency overtones that cannotbe obtained via EQ. This is particularly effective for high-gainmodels and produces an intensely heavy sound that seems unthinkablefrom an amp of this size. In addition, there's a pure andclean-sounding LINE input without any distortion, making it anideal choice for acoustic-electric guitars or keyboards. There'salso a full complement of effects, including compressor, chorus,flanger, and tremolo, as well as delay/reverb types. With a totalof eight varieties of effects, you'll have plenty of options forshaping your sound.

Versatile rhythm functions 

As its name suggests, the MINI5 Rhythm features a newly addedrhythm function. It provides 11 built-in rhythms in styles thatinclude 8-beat, 16-beat, rock, metal, and R&B, as well as abuilt-in metronome. With nine variations for each style, you'llhave a generous 99 rhythm patterns to work with. You can easilycall up the rhythm pattern you want and adjust its tempo and volumefor a great way to jam along with high-quality rhythm patterns, totry out ideas for a new riff or phrase, or to practice playing to abeat to improve your performances. Since these rhythm patternscover a wide range of musical styles, it is easier to get into thefeel of the song being played, making otherwise routine personalpractice sessions more enjoyable.

VOX Mini 5 R

Battery-powered operation 

The MINI5 Rhythm features two-way power that can run onbatteries (six AA batteries) or an AC adapter (included). Batteriesallow up to approximately 19.5 hours of operation (with POWERSELECT set to 0.1W), making this amp an ideal choice for streetperformances or outdoor playing. It also comes with a carryingstrap for easy transport, letting you enjoy playing guitar whereverinspiration may strike.

Plenty of input/output jacks, ideal forthe singer/performer

In addition to a guitar input, the MINI5Rhythm also provides additional types of input and output jacks.The mic input provides an adjustable volume and lets you apply adelay/reverb effect, providing support for vocals. There's also anAUX input that can accept an external audio source such as an MP3player. It can be used in conjunction with a guitar and mic, for atotal of three inputs simultaneously. Also provided is aheadphone/line out jack with a built-in cabinet simulator so thatwhen you're recording directly into a multi-track recorder orpracticing with headphones, you can obtain the same great cabinetresonance you'd get if you had set up a mic in front of theamp.

Main Features

  • 11 realistic amp models inherited from the popular Valvetronixseries
  • Amp models range from intense high-gain types to pristine cleansounds that can also be used with keyboards and otherinstruments
  • A total of eight effects: four standard effects(compressor,chorus, flanger, and tremolo); four types of delay/reverb
  • The proprietary VOX "Bassilator" circuit delivers a heavy soundwith ultra-low frequency, creating a rich low
    end rhythm response.
  • A variety of rhythm patterns organized into 10 genres, plusmetronome patterns, for a total of 99 choices. Use the GENRE knoband VARIATION button to easily recall the desired rhythm.
  • Battery operation (six AA batteries) for portability to perform& practice anywhere, with approximately 19.5 hours of playingtime (at the 0.1W setting); an AC adapter is also included
  • An independent mic input jack can be used with a delay/reverbeffect to get your ideal vocal sound
  • AUX input jack lets you connect your MP3 player for jamsessions or practice
  • Headphone/line output with a cabinet simulator can reproducethe resonances of a speaker cabinet
  • Power Select (5/1.5/0.1) switch lets you adjust the volumewithout impairing tonal characteristics, such as the sense of driveor air
  • High-performance, built-in E-string tuner
  • Classic VOX design is complemented by a rugged metal grill onthe black and ivory models.
  • The Classic model is all Vox with its diamond fret clothe andgold trim.
  • Carrying strap is included for convenient transportation


Introducing VOX Mini5 Rhythm- The Lightweight, Compact Modeling Amplifier


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