Verellen Amplifiers Releases Meatsmoke And Skyhammer Preamp Pedals

Published 11 years ago on July 10, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Verellen Preamp Pedals deliver tube-driven reproductions of theacclaimed preamp circuitry featured in their flagship, full-sizeamps.


Verellen Amplifiers has introduced an affordable, portablesolution for musicians seeking the expansive tube tones of theirMeatsmoke and Skyhammer amplifiers. Verellen Preamp Pedals delivertube-driven reproductions of the acclaimed preamp circuitryfeatured in their flagship, full-size amps.

The Verellen Preamp Pdeals ship complete with Gain control,3-band EQ, and Master Volume controls. High and Low output modesallow for instrument-level use with a standard guitar or bassamplifier, or run directly into a power amplifier.

The dedicated record output includes a speaker simulating filterwith two levels of intensity. This   allows for runningthe preamp pedals directly into a mixing board, tape machine, orDAW, without the need for heavy power amps or speaker cabinets.

Built for abuse and rigorous touring, each preamp pedal isconstructed of the highest-quality components housed in a sturdyblack steel enclosure, set between two side-panels of finishedbirch.

The Meatsmoke Preamp Pedal and Skyhamer Preamp Pedal are availablenow, at a retail price of $699. Rack-mountable versions will followshortly for the same price. During the first month of availability,customers can purchase the pedals via a Kickstarter campaign for adiscounted price of $499 each.


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