TC Electronic Releases Free Fuel For Creativity TonePrints

Published 10 years ago on December 18, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

TC Electronic Releases Free Fuel For CreativityTonePrints -

TC Electronic announces the immediate availability of the FuelFor Creativity TonePrint package, a free collection of TonePrintswhose sounds focus on inspiring creativity and encouragingexperimentation with guitar sounds. This package is available freeof charge at: orvia our free TonePrint app for iOS and Android, and containsTonePrints from a wide range of artists such as OmarRodríguez-López (The Mars Volta),  and Troy Van Leeuwen(Queens Of The Stone Age) and four exclusive TC TonePrints thatfocus on trailblazing new sonic territory.

The four TonePrints TC Electronic exclusively customized forthis package are: Spatial Indulgence, a modulated Reverb TonePrintusing the Cathedral setting in combination with the TriChorus. Itis designed for longer Reverbs, but works great with shorter timestoo. Stratosfear, a heavy modulated Reverb Toneprint using the Clubsetting in combination with the Advanced Flanger. Rampage, aninteresting TonePrint that uses the Vibrato Latch type and RingMod,which combines very short delay times with extreme amounts offeedback to create a pseudo ring modulator effect. Use the delaytime knob to fine tune the effect and the feedback control tocontrol the intensity of the effect.

Leading the artist TonePrints in the Fuel For Creativity packageare two exciting new delay TonePrints by Omar Rodríguez-López (TheMars Volta) named David, The Dogs! and Baby Lemonade. OtherToneprints include Troy van Leeuwen's very ambient Quick SlapToneprint, his dark Warble Tape Toneprint and a twisted version ofan old Twin Reverb sound called Vibrato Spring. Sonic Youth's LeeRanaldo contributes with two versions of his Delay TrailsTonePrint, one a very warm tape delay, the other one a more extremeversion with 700 MS of delay time. Renowned session musician andDepeche Mode collaborator Knox Chandler adds his Toxic DelayTonePrint, a take on the classic TC 2290 with a mind of its own,and his Toxic Verb Twister Toneprint, a reverb that is aninstrument of it's own and responds very well to live tweaking.

Experimental guitarist Grand Baton adds his great Shimmer DelayTonePrint, a delay that gets brighter and brighter as the repeatsdie out, and his signature take on flange, the Grand Baton FlangerTonePrint, a flange sound characterized by  a very slowmodulation. David Bowie guitarist and tone alchemist Reeves Gabrelsadds his Ambient Delay TonePrint, a very haunting and etherealsound, his Standard Vibrato and Latch Vibrato TonePrints, two greatversions of Shaker Vibrato and his Les Pauls Ether Dream flangerTonePrint - a sound beyond description, but one that's sure toexcite guitarists everywhere.

Finally, Guns'n'Roses guitarist Bumblefoot adds a whopping of 18signature TonePrints, 5 for Flashback Delay, 5 for Corona Chorus, 5for Vortex Flanger and 3 for Shaker Vibrato. Adding his twistedsense of humor, keen sense of sound and great instinct for tones tothis mix rounds out an already impressive package and gives itdiversity and depth.




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