TASCAM Announces DA-6400 Digital Multitrack Recorder/Player for Live and Broadcast Applications

Published 7 years ago on April 8, 2016

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): TASCAM announces DA-6400 digital multitrack recorder/player for live and broadcast applications

TASCAM, the brand synonymous with professional recording products, has introduced the DA-6400, a compact 64-channel digital multitrack recorder, providing highly stable and reliable recording and playback in any environment. Featuring removable SSD drives for storage, and multi-playback functionality, the DA-6400 is an unbeatable option for professional remote recording.

A universal backup recording system for up to 64 tracks, the DA-6400 works flawlessly with Digital Audio Workstations or live mixing consoles. Compatible with a range of interface boards such as MADI, DANTE, DigiLink, AVB or AES/EBU, the versatility of the DA-6400 ensures integration into virtually any recording environment.

Using a real-time, embedded operating system, the DA-6400 offers quick start-up and simple operation. PCM recording and playback up to 96kHz allows compatibility with existing recording systems, whilst files are saved approximately every 20 seconds, to ensure file losses are kept to a minimum during unexpected power failures. Files are recorded to SSDs in removable AK-CC25 storage cases, allowing for simple swapping of drives, even when the power is on. Included is a 250GB TASCAM SSD, whilst the storage case includes a USB 3 jack for stand-alone use - BWAV files are easily offloaded into a DAW session for simple transfer.

Ideal for use as a backup recorder, the DA-6400 is capable of receiving timecode input from a ProTools system to allow synchronised operation. Input/output options include the IF-MA64/EX interface card, with both coaxial and optical MADI connections. TASCAM plans to maintain the DA-6400 as a ‘living’ system by adapting it to new interfaces and systems continuously. BWF format is supported as a recording format, ensuring time information can be stored in files. Alternatively, time information can be captured through the TIMECODE IN input.

In addition to its capabilities as a backup recorder, the DA-6400 is also the ideal system for multi-channel playback, perfect for use in theatres, theme parks and similar venues. Serial/parallel external control can also be used to send play triggers in addition to ordinary playback operation.

Perfect for use where rack space is at a premium, the DA-6400 is a compact U1 size, and weights just 3.5kgs to enable great mobility when transporting to various locations – ideal for life on tour. 1000BASE-T gigabit LAN is included for remote control, and standard FTP (File Transfer Protocol) can be used to send files to the unit or remotely access recordings from Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX systems.


  • Supports recording/playback in PCM format of 64 channels at 48 kHz/24-bit or 32 channels at 96 kHz/24-bit
  • Capable of backup recording with operation synchronized to ProTools systems
  • 2.5-inch Tascam SSDs used as recording media featuring excellent vibration and environmental resistance as well as maintenance-free operation (more information below)
  • With BWF support, time information can be stored in files
  • With two slots, audio interface cards (sold separately) can be used for flexible input and output options
    • MADI input/output/thru support when IF-MA64/EX interface card (sold separately) installed
    • MADI input/output support when IF-MA64/BN interface card (sold separately) installed
    • Dante input/output support when IF-DA64 interface card (sold separately) installed
    • AES/EBU input/output support when IF-AE16 interface card (sold separately) installed
    • Analogue output/AVB support planned for the future
  • Stand-alone use possible with simple operations for start-up, recording and playback
  • Usable as a timecode synchronization master device
  • Parallel remote control supported
  • RS-422 serial remote control supported (9-pin serial protocol compliant)
  • LAN (1000Base-T Ethernet) built-in, allowing file transfer, remote control and monitoring over a network
  • SNTP server functions supported for automatic adjustment of the internal clock over a network
  • Video reference (NTSC/PAL blackburst signals and HDTV Tri-level signals) and word clock input and output/thru
  • iPad and computer applications for remote control
  • Firmware upload possible using USB port
  • Colour LCD with high legibility (320×120 pixels)
  • IEC 3-pin inlet
  • AC power redundancy built in (DA-6400dp only)
  • EIA 1U rackmount size

Tascam SSD

  • 2.5-inch serial ATA SSD (250 GB)
  • Specific control IC used for stable, reliable operation
  • SSD operation has been tested with the DA-6400
  • One SSD included with each DA-6400/DA-6400dp; additional drives can be purchased separately
  • Total recording time: 7h12m at 48 kHz/24-bit, 64 channels

AK-CC25 (DA-6400 series SSD storage case)

  • Takes up one 2.5-inch serial ATA SSD
  • Media installed in an AK-CC25 case can be loaded and removed from the bay on the front of the unit as well as connected by USB to a computer
  • Hot swapping is supported, so an AK-CC25 case with a medium installed can be loaded or removed from the DA-6400 even when it is on
  • USB 3.0 interface supports high-speed data transfer
  • Disk access indicator
  • One included with each DA-6400/DA-6400dp; additional cases can be purchased separately

 For more information on TASCAM's DA-6400 Digital Multitrack Recorder/Player


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