Studiomaster's digiLiVE Micro Mixer Redefines Power to Size Expectations

Published 8 years ago on April 17, 2015

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): Studiomaster has launched digiLiVE on the company’s stands at both prolight+sound and musikmesse. The brand new hybrid concept digital mixer seemlessly marries fader and touch-screen control and remote tablet operation – with a form factor of just 350 x 380 x 150 mm. Its ultra-compact size belies its mix power. The combination of fader and switch and touchscreen operation, enables capabilities and features that would normally require a far greater physical control surface. In addition, tablet operation facilitates both extended fixed position and remote functionality. In FOH position a tablet provides an additional graphical interface for enhanced metering and other channel and buss functions, as well as enabling remote mixing and soundchecking from almost any position in a venue.

digiLiVE features unique and proprietary mix algorithms, for EQ, dynamics and FX, powered by 4th generation SHARC DSPs. Mic and line inputs are fully 24bit A to D, as the monitor and assignable outs are 24bit D to A.

Speaking on the Studiomaster PL+S stand, Head of DSP Development and designer of the digiLiVE, Ulrich Hatje, stated, "We have combined the advantages and familiarity of the same Android OS – with which people are so familair on their tablets and smartphones – in designing the GUI, with state-of-the-art DSP technology, to conceive the world's most compact powerful digital mixing console."

Studiomaster Assistant General Manager and Sales and Marketing Manager, Patrick Almond, further stated, "Studiomaster is long associated with high quality, high performance compact analogue desks, like the Horizon and latest Vision series that readily distinguish themselves from other product. In introducing a digital mixer into a market crowded with 'me-too' product, it was critical to develop something that with a clear and unique identity. The digiLiVE offers all of the latest innovations in 'personal device based operation', still allowing engineers and musicians to mix their sound in a way with which they are already familiar. At its anticipated price point, digiLiVE is offering incredible sound production power without compromising operational performance, with an exceptionally ultra-compact formfactor."

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