SolidGoldFX New Stutterbox Tap Tempo Tremolo

Published 11 years ago on September 11, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

SolidGoldFX has announced the release of their new and improvedStutterbox optical tremolo pedal. The Stutterbox is a fresh designcombining an all-analog tremolo relying on a light source andphotocell to create it's pulsating effect reminiscent of ourfavorite vintage tube amps, with a powerful tap tempo controller.Multiple speed controls, various waveforms, different rhythmicmodes and an adjustable output section make this a new pedal we'revery keen to hear.

Stutterbox -3

The Stutterbox is equipped with SGFX's proprietary tap tempomicroprocessor. As such, the tremolo rate can be set using thespeed knob, controlled by expression pedal, or tapped in via thetap foot-switch for greater accuracy. The pedal also features a tapmultiplier with 1x, 2x, and 4x multiplier settings.

Three distinct waveform settings are included, with sine,square, and sweep settings, and eight individual rhythmic patternsand accents accessed via the Mode knob. The sine and square wavesettings deliver both soft and hard tremolo tones while the sweepsetting delivers a choppy yet rounded effect much like you wouldexpect from a tube driven trem.

Finally, the Stutterbox is fitted with Tone and Gain controls todial in just the right amount of texture and output. A standard2.1mm 9-18vDC input jack is provided and true bypass switchingrounds out the package. Our goal was to build a natural soundingtremolo with innovative new features.



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