Rotosound Introduce New Guitar Slides

Published 10 years ago on January 15, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

PRESS RELEASE (January 14, 2012) - Tocomplement its ever-increasing accessories series, Rotosound ispleased to introduce its new range of guitar slides. The new 2mmthick slides are available in glass, steel and brass and come intwo lengths 60mm and 40mm. Whatever the type of music you play, theaction your guitar has or the gauge of string you use, Rotosoundhas a guitar slide to suit you.


The new Pyrex Glass Bottleneck Slides (S1GD - Double Pack, RRP£9.95, S1GS - Single Pack RRP £5.95) are designed to be of theperfect weight and finish. They don't dig in; they ride the stringsgiving a very pure, clean tone. The lovely smooth surface of theseslides, gives a beautifully sweet glassy sound helping to createeasy harmonics.


For a more retro, blues sound try the Brass Slide (S1BD - DoublePack RRP £24.95, S1BS - Single Pack £11.95), which gives a mellowgrowl, compared to a glass one. The metal is softer than thestrings, making for a more tactile connection when you play. Theseslides have a bright resonance, high sustain and give a dirtygritty sound.


For a sound in-between these two, Rotosound have the stainlessSteel Slide (S1SD - Double Pack RRP £16.95, S1SS - Single Pack RRP£9.95). Stainless steel is corrosion resistant and possess theability to self heal minor surface scratches which means your slidewill readily keep its frictionless, streamlined finish making iteffortless to move along the strings. A Steel Slide has a sharpbrassy tone, with some grit in it. The tone it produces is morebrash with a long sustain and sparkling harmonics.

Rotosound Guitar Slides are engineered to the same exactingstandards as all their strings. Selecting a guitar slide is likeselecting guitar strings, a matter of personal preference, and whenit comes to quality that why guitar players prefer Rotosound.

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