Rocktron Introduces New Hush Product

Published 8 years ago on May 15, 2015

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): Long the world standard in guitar noise reduction with its HUSH line of products, Rocktron has introduced a new twist with the HUSH 2X.

 Essentially a “double HUSH”, the 2X model offers two completely separate channels of HUSH noise reduction in a single small unit designed to sit on top of guitar amplifiers or in a rack drawer, freeing up space on a player’s pedal board.

This unique design allows players to utilize the HUSH after the pedal board and into the input of a guitar amplifier with one circuit, and into the effects loop of the amp with the other circuit, offering new versatility in a single HUSH unit by gaining total HUSH control both in front and in the effects loop of an amp.

The HUSH 2X will also allow use of one HUSH circuit before, and another after, a single pedal or with two different pedal chains on a pedal board (or in a rack drawer).

Selector switches allow the ability to turn each HUSH circuit on or off.  As with all HUSH products, signal cleanup is provided with up to 65dB of effective noise reduction for eliminating stomp box hiss, unwanted feedback, and noise from pickups and stage lighting.

The HUSH signal cleanup is provided with up to 65dB of effective noise reduction for eliminating hiss, unwanted feedback and noise from pickups and stage lighting.

Rocktron recommends placing the HUSH after distortion and modulation effects (chorus, flanger, phaser, etc.) but before any delay or reverb effects for maximum results. The HUSH 2X is TRUE BYPASS. (Retail Price $249, £214.95, €211.65).USA’s Guitar Player Magazine wrote that a “HUSH pedal will work for all guitar-related noise problems: it’s perfect”.

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