Radial Announces the North-Star Overdrive and Power Booster

Published 6 years ago on March 15, 2017

By Jonathan Graham

Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the North-Star™, a combination overdrive and power booster, is now shipping.

The North-Star has been designed with today's rock-oriented country guitarist in mind, but its versatile overdrive circuit makes it suitable for all styles and genres. When it comes to overdriven open chords and double-stop bends, the North-Star truly shines. No matter where the drive control is set, you will still be able to articulate every note with maximum clarity. The North-Star's overdrive is very responsive and captures the pick attack and dynamics of the player. With its versatile tone-shaping features, players can adjust the sonic characteristics of the North-Star to suit their playing style.

The North-Star is also equipped with a separate boost circuit that provides up to 24dB of clean gain to the signal. Activating the boost circuit engages a separate effects loop, allowing the player to connect other pedals for easy transitions from rhythm to lead tones. As the North-Star is a true-bypass pedal, the effects loop can also be used to remove noisy, tone sucking pedals from the signal chain. Even when the boost level is turned all the way down, pedals in the effects loop will still be activated when engaging the boost channel.

Powered by any standard 9V power supply, the North-Star is a dynamic, responsive overdrive built in a tough, pedalboard-friendly 14-gauge steel chassis.

For more information on Radial's North-Star Overdrive and Power Booster.


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