Pigtronix Unveils Gatekeeper Noise Gate

Published 10 years ago on July 10, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Pigtronix Unveils Gatekeeper Noise Gate -

Pigtronix Gatekeeper is a lightning fast, studio quality noisegate pedal that locks out all unwanted noise from any rig. Sportingthreshold and release time knobs, the Gatekeeper provides 100%attenuation with unprecedented response time, making it the mostuseful and effective noise gate pedal on the market.

Pigtronix Gatekeeper utilizes ultra-high speed J-FET circuitryto completely eliminate hum, hiss, buzz and any other non-musicalsounds from your signal path. The wide range threshold controlcombines with superior headroom to deliver smooth transientresponse and warp speed time constants previously available only inrackmount, studio oriented noise gate processors. These extremeperformance characteristics allow for musical gating even under themost punishing demands of high speed metal. The addition of therelease time knob allows the user to control how long it takes gateto slam closed.

Mercilessly cutting out any and all sounds you don't want tohear at the very instant you stop playing, the Gatekeeper willallow players to crank up the volume without fear of hearing theannoying 60-cycle hum or white noise that plagues most high gainrigs. True bypass switching, army green color scheme and anaffordable MAP price of $149 round out another piece of word-classanalog engineering from Pigtronix.

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