Peavey AT-200 Guitar Featuring Auto-Tune by Antares Available This November

Published 10 years ago on October 9, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Peavey AT-200 Guitar Featuring Auto-Tune by AntaresAvailable This November -

Revolutionary guitar provides perfect pitch &intonation, forever changing the way guitars are played &recorded.

Music and audio innovator Peavey Electronics® has partneredwith Antares AudioTechnologies, the creator of world-renowned Auto-Tune®pitch-correction technology, to announce the dawn of the new guitarrevolution: the Peavey AT-200™ guitar featuringAuto-Tune for Guitar, a new musical instrument that electronicallyself tunes and intonates continuously as you play.

With the simple push of a button on the PeaveyAT-200, guitar players can now create music in perfecttune and pitch. The Peavey AT-200 utilises AntaresAuto-Tune for Guitar, a DSP technology that works behind the scenesto bring the clarity of perfect pitch to a quality instrument in anunobtrusive manner. No bulky, unattractive hardware weighs down theplaying experience - the Peavey AT-200 looks,plays and sounds just like a conventional guitar, exactly the wayit should.

Just as Auto-Tune changed how vocals are recorded, thePeavey AT-200 with Auto-Tune for Guitar willforever change the way guitars are played and recorded. Playerswon't have to stop to retune during live performances. Producersand engineers will no longer waste precious time on tuning andintonation issues during recording sessions. With the AT-200guitar, perfect pitch is the new standard.

The Peavey AT-200 is also the gateway to agrowing collection of powerful new Auto-Tune for Guitar features.With its built-in software upgrade capability, new features fromAntares can be easily loaded into the AT-200 and controlled by anyMIDI source, from MIDI foot switch controllers to iPad or iPhonedevices running dedicated Auto-Tune control software.

Combining Peavey's 47-year legacy of innovation in music andaudio with Antares' history of creating game-changing audiotechnologies is a natural partnership, said Peavey Electronicsfounder and CEO Hartley Peavey.

 "Peavey has always been a 'different' kind of company,one that is driven by the desire to innovate and advance thepossibilities in music and audio, while serving players andprofessionals with attainable, quality products," said Peavey."Partnering with Antares to bring their revolutionary Auto-Tunetechnology to guitars is the gateway to the next generation ofmusic creation. As always, we're proud to be leading theway."

As countless players and producers know, less-than-perfectintonation can seriously muddy a guitar's tone. The Peavey AT-200guitar with the Antares Solid-Tune™ intonation system constantlymonitors the precise pitch of each individual string andelectronically makes any corrections necessary to ensure that everynote of every chord and riff is always in tune, regardless ofvariables like finger position or pressure. The technology is evensmart enough to know when players intend to manipulate pitch, sobends and vibrato sound as natural as they always have. As aresult, listening to a guitar with Solid-Tune is a revelation,offering a purity of tone that has simply never before beenpossible.

"We knew that our Auto-Tune had the power to change thesound of guitars, creating sonority and clarity," said Dr. AndyHildebrand, founder of Antares Audio Technologies. "Partnering witha company revered for quality and reliability like Peavey was veryimportant to this project. Peavey has been a leader in musicalinstruments for decades, and the AT-200 with Auto-Tune for Guitaris a high-quality guitar that any musician canappreciate."

Peavey's legacy of innovation includes pioneering the use ofcomputers in guitar making and in creating the first digitallyconfigured and controlled audio system. In addition, Peavey'sReValver™ amplifier modeling software has changed the way musiciansand producers think about recording guitar tone forever.

The Peavey AT-200 electric guitar will beavailable in November 2012 from authorized Peavey retailers.


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