Paul Gilbert, Tosin Abasi, Gary Willis and More Confirmed for Ibanez Guitar Festival

Published 10 years ago on June 14, 2013

By Jonathan Graham

Paul Gilbert, Tosin Abasi, Gary Willis and MoreConfirmed for Ibanez Guitar Festival -

TheEuroblast Collective has announced that the Euroblast Festivalis sponsored by Ibanez Guitars for the second year in a row. Thisyear Ibanez will make musicans' hearts leap for joy once again. Onsite Ibanez will show off their latest guitars, present coolpromotions and autographic sessions. For all those that cannot waituntil October to check out Ibanez On Tour at Euroblast 2013, theIbanez Guitar Festival might be a nice way to bridge the time untilthis year's Euroblast.

The Ibanez Guitar Festival 2013 will take place on June22nd and 23rd on the premises of Meinl Distribution inGutenstetten, Germany. The lineup and running order are set; ticketpre-sale is in full swing.

Please note that the program will differ significantly on bothfestival days. Although you can attend various workshops onSaturday, artist performances will undoubtedly be the mainattraction here. On Sunday however, everything will completelyrevolve around lessons and learning. Focused Workshops are open toall visitors with a 2-Day-Ticket. Furthermore, three exclusiveMasterclasses are on offer limited to a 15 participants each andwhich require special Masterclass-Tickets.

Focused Workshops on Sunday, June 23rd - During the FocusedWorkshops Paul Gilbert, GaryWillis, Tosin Abasi, Andrew "TheBullet" Lauer, Jan Zehrfeld andThomas Brendgens-Monkemeyer will delve deeper intotopics such as playing technique, sound and patching.

Exclusive Masterclasses on Sunday, June 23rd - In addition tothe Focused Workshops, Paul Gilbert, Gary Willis and Tosin Abasiwill be hosting separate Masterclasses. These three intensivecourses will be held over 90 minutes and are limited to 15 seatseach. Participants may bring their own instruments (guitar/bass) tothe Masterclass. Alternatively, you can borrow an instrument fromthe current Ibanez range at no extra cost for the duration of theMasterclass.

For advance booking visit this location.

To attend the festival on Sunday, a 2-Day-Ticket is required.Only the 2-Day-Ticket (strictly limited to 300 pcs.) is valid onboth festival days. A single ticket for Sunday only is notavailable.


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