Part 1 of New Stone Sour Album Available to Stream -

Published 11 years ago on October 26, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Part 1 of New Stone Sour Album Available to Stream-

Part one of Stone Sour's brand new concept album,'House of Gold & Bones' was releasedearlier this week (October 22nd) and is currently available forstreaming via AOLMusic

Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand said ofthe new album:

"House Of Gold & Bones' takes everything that's greatabout this band and amplifies it. The riffs, the lyrics, thegrooves and the songs are like Stone Sour times ten. There's alsoheavy stuff that's like nothing we've ever done before. It's darkas hell and a complete experience from the first track to thelast."

In addition to the planned comic books set to accompany each partof 'House of Gold & Bones', Stone Sour also have come up with aunique and intricate idea for the album's packaging with each
part being able to fit together to form the shape of a house.However, you'll have to wait until next year to complete theset.

Frontman Corey Taylor also recently stated that he'sinterested in creating two films to represent each record.

Image / Roadrunner Records 


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