Origin Effects Announces Limited Edition Cali76 Germanium Models

Published 8 years ago on February 19, 2015

By Jonathan Graham

Origin Effects announce two new limited edition pedals for 2015 featuring a unique NOS germanium transistor output stage!

The Cali76 Germanium and Cali76 Germanium Parallel / Boost combine studio-grade compression with 1960s-inspired germanium circuitry, totally adjustable to provide exactly the desired amount of break-up and colouration.

(PRESS RELEASE): NOS germanium transistor output stage gives studio-grade compressor pedal added warmth and adjustable harmonic overdrive

It’s two years since Origin Effects launched the Cali76 and SlideRig, the game-changing FET compressors that made studio-grade 1176-style compression available in pedal format. Since then, they’ve been hailed as the best compressor pedals that money can buy and embraced by guitarists, bass players and producers the world over. A total of 2,000 pedals have now been shipped and Origin Effects has chosen to celebrate this milestone with two very special limited edition versions of the Cali76 featuring a NOS germanium transistor output stage.

The introduction of germanium transistors in the 1950s revolutionised the world of audio technology and paved the way for the first wave of compact, portable guitar effects pedals. From the recording studio to the live stage, the sounds they created have gained a permanent place in our collective psyche. With the Germanium Edition Cali76s, Origin set out to capture the unique sonic attributes of these vintage components, adding an exciting new flavour to the Cali76’s revered sound.

Origin Effects has produced two special editions of the Cali76, each individually numbered and strictly limited to 100 units. The Cali76 Germanium and Cali76 Germanium Parallel / Boost both feature a fully balanced germanium transistor output stage that’s completely free from negative feedback, providing fast transient recovery characteristics and generating gradual, harmonically rich overdrive when the compressor is pushed hard. A variable headroom control allows the user to obtain exactly the desired amount of break-up and colouration. The Cali76 Germanium Parallel / Boost is also equipped with the highly desirable wide-band solo boost (available independently of the compressor) and dry signal level control found on 2014’s sold-out limited edition Cali76-TX-P pedals. Both units also offer a low-impedance balanced output, allowing them to connect to consoles, preamps and audio interfaces to add warm yet tonally transparent compression to everything from vocals to acoustic guitars, piano and drums.

The Cali76 Germanium pedals join an illustrious line-up that already includes two premium options – the Cali76-TX, which features a custom iron-core output transformer for extra harmonic saturation, and the Cali76-TX-L, equipped with an ultra-clean Lundahl transformer. For the lucky few who manage to get their hands on one, the Cali76 Germanium and Cali76 Germanium Parallel / Boost will deliver yet another unique combination – the same beautifully transparent compression, with completely controllable germanium warmth and break-up.


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