New Tone Capture Micro Pedal From MOOER

Published 4 years ago on August 21, 2019

By Jonathan Graham

MOOER  Audio have launched two new and compact additions to their product line-up for August – The CT01 Tuner and the Tone Capture Micro Pedal.

The CT01 Tuner is MOOER’s first clip-on guitar and bass tuner and it’s the perfect companion for when you can’t plug in your pedalboard-essential Baby Tuner. Use for a quick tune up, acoustic guitar or jack-free and noisy environments. A beautiful and sleek design with bright and colorful display, intuitive user interface, and a mechanical hinge with a rotatable display keep things easy-to-read in any position. Tuning range is adjustable from 435 to 445 HZ.

The CT01 Tuner will be available August 15, 2019.

Great news - you don’t need the hassle of carrying more than one guitar to a gig anymore, you can save time on sound checking AND your performance can be even more professional as you keep the music going without the need to change guitars! All in the power of one amazing micro pedal that takes up hardly any space on your pedalboard.

MOOER gives you the Tone Capture Guitar Micro Pedal. Similar to the GE300’s Tone Capture feature, The Tone Capture Guitar Pedal can sample any guitar, provided it has some form of pickup, and create a detailed digital Guitar model using MOOER’s proprietary “dynamic layer” IR technology.

The Tone Capture Guitar pedal can also function as a standalone EQ pedal with 7 save slots for Tone Capture or EQ presets. Users can also choose between true bypass or buffer bypass modes.


  1. Can capture unique guitar tonal qualities through sampling technology.
  2. Can be used as an individual EQ pedal.
  3. 7 preset slots to store EQ and sampled guitar sounds.
  4. Switch between TRUE BYPASS or BUFFER BYPASS
  5. Firmware upgradeable via USB.

The Tone Capture Guitar pedal will be available from official MOOER dealers and distributors worldwide on August 15, 2019.



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