New Cole Clark Australian ECO Series Unveiled

Published 7 years ago on December 2, 2015

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): Cole Clark Guitars, available from Zed Music Distribution based in Sevenoaks, Kent, is extremely proud to unveil the Australian Eco Series of guitars in the United Kingdom. The Australian Eco Series guitars are made from 100% sustainable timbers; designed by replacing endangered timbers with sustainable Australian substitutes. Sustainability has never sounded so good!

“The beautifully crafted Cole Clark brand has many attributes and the move to sustainable timbers is admirable.  As the guitar manufacturing industry goes forward, more and more timbers are becoming vulnerable or endangered.  For the future of the industry and to maintain native species, it is essential to use sustainable timbers.  Cole Clark is one of the very few to introduce this enviable strategy, which is certainly sound for the environment,” remarks Chris Mariani, Sales Director, Zed Music Distribution.

The evolution of Cole Clark guitars has meant that the company has explored their own back yard for guitar-tone woods.  In Australia there are many fantastic sounding tone woods that are sustainable and not on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) endangered list.

As it turns out 85% of Cole Clark guitars are made from fully sustainable timbers¹ excluding the fingerboard. Rosewood is a very big sounding fingerboard, Ebony is denser and has less bottom end and more top end; both timbers are on the IUCN endangered Red List.  Cole Clark has discovered an Australian timber called Blackbean, which is sustainable and works beautifully with a Blackwood bridge to give a similar sound to Rosewood.

The remarkable Australian Eco Series is built with the same unique Cole Clark construction, including their world leading patented pickup, with entirely sustainable timbers. The result, the classic big Cole Clark sound, a peerless quality and finish, and the most natural sounding amplified guitar available.

Zed Music Distribution has six of the best-selling Cole Clark models now available in 100% sustainable variants, forming the Australian Eco Series.

Australian Eco Series models:

  • Fat Lady Dreadnought with Bunya top and Australian Blackwood back and sides (FL2EC-BB-AE)
  • Fat Lady Dreadnought with Australian Blackwood top, back and sides (FL2EC-BLBL-AE)  
  • Fat Lady Dreadnought - Australian grown Redwood Sequoia top and Australia Blackwood back and sides (FL2EC-RDBL-AE)
  • Angel Grand Auditorium with Bunya top and Australian Blackwood back and sides (AN2EC-BB-AE)
  • Angel Grand Auditorium with Australian Blackwood top back and sides (AN2EC-BLBL-AE)
  • Angel Grand Auditorium with Australian grown Redwood Sequoia top and Australian Blackwood back and sides (AN2EC-RDBL-AE)

Chris Mariani concludes: “Highlighting the Cole Clark ethos, the Australian Eco range not only has the unique Cole Clark sound and patented pickup system, but it also remains affordable, as the series is available at no additional expense. Sustainability doesn’t have to come at a cost. The choice is now yours.”

For more information and your nearest stockist of the Cole Clark Australia Eco Series, please contact Chris Mariani at: Zed Music Distribution.

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