MOD Audio Announces Three A.I. Powered Plugins in Collaboration with AIDA DSP

Published 3 months ago on July 6, 2023

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Following the successful release of the AIDA-X neural player, MOD Audio is excited to move forward in the partnership with AIDA DSP,  introducing three groundbreaking guitar amp simulation plugins that redefine amp modelling and offer advanced tone-shaping possibilities.

These plugins utilise an elaborate "conditional modelling" approach, capturing the amplifier's sound with the volume or gain knob in various positions and leveraging AI to extrapolate the rest. This technique provides musicians with precise control over their sound, delivering exceptional realism and responsiveness.

Vibro: American Sound - Experience the vintage warmth and dynamic response of an original Fender Vibrolux* amplifier, carefully modelled with AI. With the NORM channel and BRIGHT channel models faithfully reproducing the tonal richness, versatility, and vintage allure of this iconic amp.

JCVM: British Tone - Harness the power and versatility of advanced AI models, captured from an iconic Marshall JVM410H* amp head. With models for the CLEAN channel, ROCK channel, CRUNCH channel, LEAD channel, and METAL channel, effortlessly transition between pristine clean tones, classic crunch, searing lead, and aggressive distortion.

Tweaker: Every Sound - Shape your tone effortlessly with the multiple models trained with the acclaimed Egnater Tweaker 40* amp head. Switch between sparkling American cleans, British overdrive, and a bluesy Tweed option using the USA - clean channel, AC - clean channel, and BRIT - hot channel models for unmatched versatility.

This collaboration between MOD Audio and AIDA DSP showcases the industry's commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of amp modelling. By combining advanced AI and groundbreaking modelling techniques, these plugins deliver great authenticity, responsiveness, and sonic depth.

The new AIDA DSP Premium Plugins are now available exclusively at the MOD Plugin Shop, to be used with any of MOD Audio's processors. 

Each plugin costs 19,90€.


About MOD Audio:

MOD Audio is a provider of innovative audio solutions, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sound technology. With a mission to empower musicians and audio enthusiasts, MOD Audio offers a range of cutting-edge products and plugins designed to inspire creativity and elevate sonic experiences. Discover the world of MOD Audio and unlock the true potential of your music.

MOD Neural Modelling Microsite

AIDA-DSP website:


*Product names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders, who do not endorse or have any affiliation with AIDA DSP or MOD Audio. They were solely used for identification purposes of the products whose sounds were incorporated into these plugins.


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