Logjam Music introduce The Mk3 Logarhythm and Travelog

Published 10 years ago on June 10, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Logjam Music introduce The Mk3  Logarhythm andTravelog -

The new Mk3 Logarhythm is a significant development on the Mk2model, itself, a unique perception in self-acoustic, stomp boxaccompaniment that has successfully augmented the performances ofcountless instrumentalists, solo artists and bands around theworld.

Handmade in the UK from high-quality, certified sapele, the Mk3Logarhythm features a larger stomping surface and redesignedacoustic chamber, to enhance the sub bass sound waves for anoticeably louder output. 

Now with room enough to operate with both feet, and the abilityto offer a variety of percussive high and low sonics, the Mk3Logarhythm is even more versatile, delivering a warm, deep, fullsound via the internal dynamic microphone to externalamplification, a sound that cannot be authentically created bymachines. The new Mk3 Logarhythm also features a smoother,racked-back design to facilitate ease of use and eradicate anypossible muscle strain when used for long periods

Whilst acoustic guitarists love Logarhythm products, they arealso popular with drummers as a quick go-to kick drumaccessory/replacement for rehearsal, live or studio work.

As with all Logjam products, the Mk3 Logarhythm is totallyanalogue and purely passive - no batteries required - the operationis totally hum-free, while the internal microphone is cushioned andprotected to withstand all the knocks of the road.

With a standard guitar lead, The Logarhythm simply connects to acombo, PA or directly to a recording desk via its own standard ¼"Neutrik output jack socket. From hard boots to soft trainers andwith a combination of selected EQ amp settings, you can produceyour own individual, rhythmic sound to suit your playing style. Thetone can also be varied from source, by tapping on different areasof the block, creating a round kick bass effect or a more snare -like response.

Following player's requests for a micro stomping bass effectpedal, Logjam Music has developed the Travelog, a smaller versionof the classic, original Logarhythm. Weighing a mere 400 grams, theTravelog will effortlessly fit inside any guitar case. Like theMk3, the light and portable Travelog is also hand constructed fromthe finest sapele tonewood, includes 1/4in Neutrik output jack andnon-slip gauze base.

Logjam Mk3 Logarhythm:

Freq Range: 80Hz -12kHk
Sensitivity: -76dB+-3dB
Impedance:600 Ohms+-30%
Dimensions: 200 x 117 x 45mm
Weight 575g RRP: £74.95  
3 year guarantee

Logjam Travelog:  

Freq Range: 80Hz  
Sensitivity: -76dB+-3dB
Impedance:600 Ohms+-30%
Dimensions: 125 x 116 x45mm
Weight 400g RRP: £59.95  

Travelog 1 





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