Line 6 Sonic Port Transforms iPod touch, iPhone and iPad into Studio-Quality Guitar System

Published 10 years ago on June 3, 2013

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Line 6 Sonic Port Transforms iPod touch, iPhone and iPadinto Studio-Quality Guitar System -

Guitarists can experience unsurpassed audio quality andlegendary Line 6 guitar tones while making music with iOSdevices.

Line 6, Inc. leading manufacturer of innovative solutions formusicians, has now announced the new Sonic Port™ guitar system foriPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad®. Building on the success of thepopular Line 6® Mobile In™ digital interface, the Sonic Port systemdelivers pristine audio quality, legendary Line 6 guitar tones andall the inputs and outputs needed to transform a mobile device intoa studio-quality music creation system.

"Sonic Port provides an easy way for guitarists to makestudio-quality music on their iOS devices," said Max Gutnik,Vice President of Product Management, Line 6.

"Customers can pair it with CoreAudio apps to record, practice,perform and more. For example, the free Line 6 Mobile POD app letsguitarists dial in their favorite artists' tones in an instant,while the Jammit app is perfect for practicing. All in all, SonicPort brings amazing audio quality and a great music-makingexperience to iOS devices."

Sonic Port is a sleek, highly compact digital audio interfacethat connects to an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad 30-pin or Lightningconnector, enabling guitar players to jam and record usingCoreAudio music apps such as GarageBand®, and gain access to theacclaimed Line 6 Mobile POD® app. Unlike other devices that connectto the analog headphone jack of an iOS device, Sonic Port featuresan all-digital signal path resulting in best-in-class soundquality. With 110dB of guitar dynamic range and up to 24-bit/48kHzaudio quality throughout, Sonic Port allows musicians to get themost from CoreAudio music apps.

For forward-thinking musicians who want to use an iPod touch,iPhone or iPad as the centerpiece of a mobile studio or as aperformance tool, Sonic Port provides a variety of inputs andoutputs for connecting instruments and outboard gear. A 1/4" inputmakes it easy to connect guitars and basses, while keyboards,mixers, CD players and other iOS devices can be connected via the1/8" stereo input. For monitoring, users can simply plug in theirheadphones or powered studio monitors and enjoy unparalleled audiofidelity. Musicians can also connect to a guitar amplifier via the1/4" guitar/line-level output.

The companion Mobile POD app (available as a free download fromthe App Store) opens the door to an incredible collection of highlyprized vintage and modern guitar gear. The app includes 32 amps, 16speaker cabinets and 16 effects-all of which can be fully adjusted,mixed and matched to create a virtually endless range of tones.Mobile POD includes over 10,000 tone presets created by artists,Line 6 and other guitar players-and guitarists can also store andinstantly recall their own custom tones.

Thanks to a partnership between Line 6 and Jammit®, Sonic Portinstantly integrates with the award-winning Jammit app, allowingguitarists to learn, jam and record along with original multi-trackmaster recordings of their favorite songs. When used together,Sonic Port and Jammit form the ultimate jam-along experience. Eachtrack can be isolated for closer scrutiny, looped for extendedpractice or slowed down to a comfortable pace for learning. Whenused with Line 6 interfaces, Jammit loads amp and effect soundsthat are custom made for the song, automatically changing the soundwhen appropriate as the song plays.

Sonic Port includes a detachable 30-pin dock connector cable anda Lightning connector cable for direct connection to iPod touch,iPhone and iPad devices. Mobile POD is a free download from the AppStore. Sonic Port is compatible compatible with iPod touch (4th and5th generation), iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad (3rd and 4thgeneration), iPad 2, iPad and iPad mini.

Sonic Port is expected to ship in May of 2013. Learn more aboutSonic Port and Mobile POD at here.

GarageBand, iPod, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple, Inc.,registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a servicemark of Apple Inc. Apple is not responsible for the operation ofthis device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards.Jammit is a registered trademark of Jammit, Inc.



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