Keeley Electronics Unveils the Seafoam+ Vibrato Chorus

Published 7 years ago on November 11, 2015

By Jonathan Graham

(PRESS RELEASE): Keeley Engineering is changing the minds of even the most picky players, again.  We are proud to announce the new Seafoam Plus Chorus – True Chorus and ADT with Reverb. It will forever change the way you think about chorus because we have developed a new type of chorus until now only available in expensive DAWs and in studios.  Not only is it tuned for guitar, but there are voices and modes created specifically for bass players.  Lastly this tri-mode chorus offers internal switching for vintage and modern modes further doubling the amount of sounds you can get.

It’s what we call True Chorus because in one mode we create a second and third voice like singers in a choir.  Not only do they sing at different times, they sing at different pitches.  And, they have different voices.  The voices in the new Seafoam Plus Chorus model different amplifiers and pickups.  Marshall, Fender, Rickenbacker, Ampeg SVT, are all different singers or “voices” we create to be a part of your chorus.

The Seafoam Plus Chorus includes our ADT that we developed in the revolutionary 30ms Double Tracker.  This gives you a True Chorus like never before.  Not only that, but we’ve setup up the tone for a British Pop Super-Group chorus-lovers dream.  We have voiced the chorus tone to sound like a 1959 Marshall Super!  Yeah, Andy “der Policeman” Summers fans unite!

In Seafoam Mode, you guessed it, the all new Seafoam Plus Chorus, lush wide and with a very musical vibrato.  Allows you to get the same really long delay the Keeley Seafoam is famous for.  This is where you’ll find a typical chorus feature. This mode of the pedal has an LFO, the regularly cycling part you hear in most every other chorus unit.  It provides a classic tone that you expect and has become part of many classic tunes.  Set the rate for slow and depth for wide and enjoy a really spacious sounding chorus.  Roll the Mix Control all of the way up for Vibrato.  In this model you won’t have to hear the latency that affects many chorus pedals because with the SPACE control you can dial all of that out, or add it in.

In Dual Chorus Mode we created a cross-over based dual chorus engine.  Imagine a dividing line that is centered on your high E-string.  Control the depth of chorus independently for highs and lows.  Craft the ultimate “Come As You Are” niravana of chorus tones.  Create a very deep throbbing chorus on the low end, and near perfect calm on the top end.  Or make the high-end and shimmer and waver while keeping the low end fixed!


Okay, it goes twice as deep. The Seafoam Plus Chorus is a Bass Chorus, Flanger, and Tremolo too!  Pop the back off, flick a switch and it’s a bass guitar player’s dream.  The Space Controls gives you controls or Regeneration, High Pass filtering to keep things tight, and a haunting Tremolo you have to hear to believe!  So let’s get down and funky Michelangelo!

Vintage At Heart

Want a softer tone?  Chorus that’s silky smooth and warm?  No problem, internal switching puts it in “Vintage Mode”.  The Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus ships in “Modern Mode” for ultra wide, lush and high fidelity chorus. Either way, enjoy sounds that are down right frighteningly good.  Makes you wonder, “Is that my fingers playing that tone?!?”!

For more information on Keeley Electronics' Seafoam+ Vibrato Chorus.



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