Jim Martin Reveals Why He Quit Faith No More

Published 11 years ago on November 16, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Jim Martin Reveals Why He Quit Faith No More-

Former Faith No More guitarist JimMartin has at last finally spoken out on why he left theoutfit at the peak of their prowess.

Martin, who replaced original guitarist MarkBowen in 1983, quit the Cali alt-metallers during theband's 'Angel Dust' years. It has longbeen understood that he was never keen on the musical direction theband took with their fourth album, which was the second FNM record to feature Mike Patton on vocals.

Now in a fan Q&A, Martin explains it was more than justthat.

Martin says:

"My publicised 'not being into' Angel Dust was all about theway the whole process went down. There was a lot of weird pressureto follow up The Real Thing, and as a consequence, Angel Dust wasmore contrived musically than I thought was necessary.

"I wanted more of the record to happen in the studio andBilly Gould wanted every last tack nailed down before we went in. Iwanted to spend time with it; management and the record companywanted to rush it out the door.

"Producer Matt Wallace was calling me, complaining aboutMike Patton's performance. Management and the record company werecalling me complaining about Mike Patton's performance and desirefor outside projects.

"The record company president came in the studio and said:'I hope nobody bought houses.' All the air got sucked out of theroom. That was one of those great moments when reality slaps you inthe face. Some of my associates had bought houses.

"The pressure was on, and everyone wanted to be in thestudio with me while I recorded, endlessly tinkering and fuckingwith me and fucking with Matt - and Matt is a really fucking woundup guy already. I had to kick everyone out, and even though it wasnot a new concept it really pissed everyone off.

For the full interview, which includes all 15 questions posed bythe UK based fansite, head to Blabbermouth.

Faith No More, Ozzy & James Hetfield - War Pigs(Live 1990)


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