Italia Guitars 2018

Published 5 years ago on June 11, 2018

By Jonathan Graham

Italia announces latest Jeffrey Foskett Signature model for 2018

New for 2018, Italia Guitars have unveiled a new addition to the popular Jeffrey Foskett Signature Series of electric guitars; meet the Italia JFQ.

Available in Two-Tone Blue, the JFQ is a full hollow body, single cutaway guitar, exhibiting a full and resonant acoustic tone that only increases when the guitar is plugged in and amplified. Using the same wiring configuration first used in the JF6, a trio of mini humbucker pickups offer a dizzying array of tonal options – and all without the need for a selector switch!

By employing an ingenious blend control knob, the JFQ allows players to zone in on their preferred frequencies from all three pickups. Dial in the perfect balance between the plummy bass of the neck and the cut and thrust of the bridge, then complement with as much or as little of the middle pickup as you like, via the push/pull volume control. What's more, for an added layer of functionality (and visual glitz) each of the JFQ's three pickups comes equipped with its own LED on/off /off switch, for instant player feedback and eye-catching stage appeal.

The JFQ features an adjustable LP Bridge with an Italia Trapeze Tailpiece, guaranteeing maximum string resonance, as well as correct intonation across each of the 22 frets. 

Unadulterated hollow body tone, unlimited tonal versatility and unrivalled playability. Go extra this year with the Italia JFQ.

Italia releases updated Maranello Classic for 2018

The Maranello Classic MKII is the second generation of the Italia original classic design. The revamped Maranello Classic is lighter in weight than its predecessor but retains the same unmistakeable, ringing tone.

Sporting a single cutaway body for easy high-fret access, the back and neck of the guitar feature a stunning white pearloid wrap painted finish, which perfectly complements the Red Sparkle and Gold Sparkle colourways, for stunning shelf appeal.

Amplified sounds come courtesy of a pair of newly updated alnico Italia ITV-5 pickups, whose vintage voices encapsulate the unashamed retro vibe of this tone time machine.

The Maranello Classic MKII's electronic circuitry and input jack are housed in a unique res-o-glass pickguard which sits deep inside the routed hollow body cavity, allowing for a reduced neck angle and bringing the strings closer to the pickguard surface to create a full and rich resonant amplified voice. 

Looking for a guitar whose looks and features match its functionality and playability? The Maranello Classic MKII is sure to command your attention.

Italia releases updated Maranello '61 MKII for 2018

Brand new for 2018 the Maranello '61 MKII adds a number of nifty updates to one of the most popular guitars in the Italia range.

The second generation Maranello '61 MKII exhibits the same featherlight body and heavyweight tone as its predecessor, thanks to a semi-acoustic body and two high-output Wilkinson WHHB humbuckers. The upgraded pickups on the new Maranello '61 MKII are connected to a super 5-way switch which gives the player limitless tonal options, and allows the guitar to cover a variety of musical applications, from traditional to modern and contemporary. 

A Roller Saddle, Tune-O-Matic bridge is paired with a Les Trem II Tremolo system and Italia Locking tuning machines, allowing the guitar to perform everything from subtle pitch variations to hard rock histrionic dive bombs, always retaining remarkable tuning stability and pro-level playability. 

The low-profile double cutaway design provides unhindered access to each of the Maranello '61 MKII's 22 frets, allowing the guitar to accommodate a number of disparate playing styles.

Serving up a perfect cocktail of retro complexion and state-of-the-art innovation, the Italia Maranello '61 MKII takes everything you loved about the original and multiplies it.

Italia Maranello Intero delivers big tone in a compact package

New for 2018, and the most recent addition to the Italia Maranello series, the Intero serves up sublime semi-acoustic tones in a compact, player-friendly package.

A chambered Mahogany body delivers a smooth and open sound via a combination of the ITM-5 humbucker and piezo bridge. In addition to a master tone and master volume, a blend control allows you to dial in the perfect balance of both pickups, so you can zone right in on your signature tone.

The Italia Maranello Intero features a full body design which is compact and slim, making the guitar a joy to play for long periods, whether you prefer to play sat down or standing. Sporting an eye-catching pair of body cut outs, replacing the traditional F-hole design, the Intero has the unique good looks required to match its enviable range of sounds.

Fine tuning of the guitar's intonation is delivered via the Tune-O-Matic bridge while a Trapeze tailpiece keeps things looking traditional, with the trademark Italia twist.

The ideal vehicle for jazz jams and chordal concertos, the Intero is your one-way ticket to instant semi-acoustic cool.

Go continental with the new Italia Europa

New for 2018, the Italia Europa harks back to the guitars that soundtracked a bygone era. Sporting an easily-identifiable solid body design, the Europa pays homage to the most innovative European guitars of the swinging '60s.

Decked out with a trio of Italia ITM-5 Mini Humbuckers, the Europa is capable of producing a remarkable range of tones thanks to its inventive switching system. In addition to a traditional 3-way pickup selector, the Europa's middle pickup is blended to taste with an independent volume control, allowing you to find the right mix every time. Working in tandem with the master volume and tone pots, the ability to fine-tune the amount of middle frequencies in your sound enables the Europa to cover a huge amount of sonic ground.

Rockin', reliable tuning stability is supplied by the use of the Italia Les Trem II roller saddle bridge system, while a Tune-O-Matic bridge promotes the correct break angle of the strings and offers all important micro-adjustments to the guitar's intonation. 

A Bolivian Rosewood fingerboard is married to a roasted Maple bolt-on neck, for huge tone transfer, sustain and resonance, and the graphite nut ensures that strings stay clear of snags, for hassle-free bending and vibrato.

If your guitar wish list places serious shelf appeal right alongside professional playability, grab the feature-laden Italia Europa and get out there, in more ways than one.

Take things up to 12 with the new Italia Rimini 

The Italia Rimini 12 captures the rich, retro aesthetic and chiming sounds of the '60s in a design that is dripping with vintage authenticity. Taking its cue from the Italia Rimini 6, the 12 doubles up on harmonious tones of its forbearer, unlocking the door to the fabled 12 string tones of rock and pop's golden age. 

Equipped with a pair of Wilkinson WMH Mini Humbuckers, the Rimini 12's chambered American Alder body sings with a warm and full voice, with crystalline highs to match its clear and detailed low end. Sound control is kept simple with a master tone and master volume working alongside a 3-way pickup selector switch, allowing quick and easy access to the full spectrum of the Rimini's tonal range.

The Italia 12 Trapeze Tailpiece works in tandem with a Tune-O-Matic bridge, providing fine-tuned intonation and vintage-correct appearance, ensuring the guitar sounds as sweet as it looks.

Available in Black, Cherry Sunburst and two-tone Sunburst, get familiar with that definitive dozen string sound courtesy of the Italia Rimini 12.



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