Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 conjures up all-new tone sorcery

Published 5 years ago on September 6, 2018

By Jonathan Graham

Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 conjures up all-new tone sorcery

The technology showcased in the latest guitar amplifier from Hughes & Kettner allows you to instantly summon up your signature tone, whether you're rocking the headline slot on the biggest outdoor stage, or shredding into the night in your bedroom. Packed with technical tricks and 200 watts of raw power, the Black Spirit 200 takes you on an explosive ride through electric guitar history, with four channel eruption of thrilling tones.

Featuring Clean, Crunch, Lead and Ultra channels, Black Spirit 200 is an all-analog amplifier with an advanced operating concept. Employing an intuitive user interface featuring Smart Rotary Control technology, the Black Spirit 200's front panel is fully-programmable. With flexible gain and volume settings for every channel, and no shared EQs, this an amp designed for players, not programmers.

The new bionic Spirit Tone Generator module is not only the colourful centrepiece of the amp's visual display but the heart of the Black Spirit 200's tonal ingenuity. By no means just for show, this revolutionary piece of circuitry faithfully recreates the physics of a traditional tube amp circuit, delivering world class tone and responsiveness, without the use of a single vacuum tube.

The Black Spirit 200's Sagging Control, the first of its kind to be featured on an analog amplifier, is the secret weapon for producing new and exciting sounds; use the Sagging Control to level the power amp's saturation and alter its behaviour at any volume, accurately reproducing the soft pick response and creamy compression of an overloaded power amp, at any volume.

Also included in the Black Spirit 200 is the brand new Red Box AE+, featuring eight carefully selected cabinet emulations, allowing you to dial in your tone to the finest of degrees. In addition, Red Box AE+ provides output for passive full-range cabinets (eg passive stage monitors) and stereo output for active full-range cabinets (studio monitors, hi-fi stereo systems etc) – you can also enjoy the Black Spirit 200's cabinet emulations through the dedicated headphones out.

As well as being capable of invoking every type of amplified electric guitar tone from the instrument's 60 year history, the Black Spirit 200 is designed with the modern musician in mind; built-in reverb and tap delay adds ambience and dimension to your guitar tones, while a clutch of digital modulation essentials, flange, phase, chorus and tremolo, allow for further expression and experimentation. Smart Rotary Control technology enables full programability of every pot setting, with 128 presets available via any compatible MIDI footswitch. Finally, the Black Spirit 200 allows streaming and remote control via an iPad App, affirming, its future-proof credentials.

Black Spirit 200 packs a massive 200 watts of power, making it loud enough for the biggest of stages. Handily, the amp can also be reduced to 20, 2, or even 0 zero watts for silent recording and bedroom practice, meaning you can jam along to your favourite tunes, no matter what time inspiration strikes.

Rüdiger Forse, Hughes & Kettner's Senior Product Manager, said: “Black Spirit 200 is like no other amp before. With the Spirit Tone Generator, guitarists can enjoy the best tone of their lives, at any volume, and the amp has all the features you need to make it perfect for anywhere - from your bedroom to the world's biggest arenas. Black Spirit 200 might weigh just 8lbs and fit in your carry-on luggage, but this amp has the power to change your life!”

Finally, a matching Black Spirit 200 Head Softbag is also available for transporting your amp safely.

Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit 200 – key facts and technical specifications:
• Pioneering bionic Spirit Tone Generator faithfully recreates the vivid interactions of traditional tube amp circuits in a strictly analog way
• 4 channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Ultra, which offer all the iconic amp sounds
• The world’s first analog amp with true power amp sagging control, adds creaminess at any volume
• Output power switchable from 200 to 20 and 2 watts without sacrificing your tone
• All new Red Box AE+ with eight ultra-realistic cabinet emulations
• Enjoy great tone through any kind of loudspeaker: guitar cabinets, active or passive full range PA speakers, studio or hi-fi speakers
• Digital on-board effects: Reverb, Delay (with Tap function), Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Tremolo
• All controls except Master Volume are fully programmable thanks to Hughes & Kettner’s proprietary Smart Rotary Control technology
• Save your favorite sound settings in up to 128 presets
• MIDI In and Thru lets you connect the Hughes & Kettner FSM-432 MK III MIDI board or other MIDI controllers
• Wireless remote control and unlimited presets with the free App for iPad
• Bluetooth streaming or stereo mini jack for jamming to playalongs
• Headphones out that also serves as a stereo line out
• Full range automatic switching power supply for worldwide use (100 V to 240 V)
• Just 3.6 kg / 7.8 lbs.
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 410 x 155 x 150 mm

Black Spirit 200 Head £879.00 rrp 

Accessories available: Soft Padded Bag and Rack Mount Set

Hughes & Kettner amplification equipment is distributed in the UK and ROI by JHS; to learn more about the Black Spirit 200 visit:




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