Guild Proudly Introduces the Doyle Dykes Signature Guitar

Published 11 years ago on October 26, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Guild Proudly Introduces the Doyle Dykes SignatureGuitar -

Guild is excited to honour fingerstyle guitar virtuosoDoyle Dykes with his own signature guitar, the Guild Doyle DykesSignature Model. The guitar is the result of an extensivecollaboration among Dykes, master luthier Ren Ferguson, and theteam at Guild's New Hartford, Conn., factory.

Crafted to Dykes' exacting specifications, the cutaway grandorchestra guitar delivers a rich, full and balanced sound that willplease the most discerning guitarist. It's an incredibly articulateinstrument with truly stunning headroom and dynamic range.

"When I saw the guitar for the first time, I saw reflections ofmy life and relationships," said Dykes. "The Duane Eddyvintage-style 'G' on the headstock, the Chet Atkins-style fretmarkers, the beautiful roses on the bridge that depict a heartfeltfamily story, and theGuild name have all been a part of my lifesince I was a boy."

With an abalone-trimmed AAA-grade red spruce top and AAA quiltbig-leaf maple neck back and sides, the guitar looks as amazing asit sounds. The dark-tinted top imparts an aged look, and the20-fret ebony fingerboard and abalone-inlaid bridge contribute to adistinctively elegant appearance.

"I was immediately at home with this guitar," Dykes said. "Afterplaying it and hearing it, I'm convinced a lot of people will feelthis way, too. This is your grandfather's guitar and a whole lotmore!"

Other special features include custom D-55-styleabalone/mother-of-pearl fret markers rotated 90 degrees and locatedon the bass side of the fingerboard, a slightly shallower body thanthat of the standard F-47 grand orchestra on which the model isbased, scalloped red spruce bracing, abalone rosette, three-piecemahogany neck with rosewood centre, 12" fingerboard radius,stylized Guild "G" headstock overlay, extra tuner spacing toaccommodate Dykes' signature behind-the-nut string bends, bone nutand saddle, and a pure gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

Each Doyle Dykes Signature Model comes with a dark brownhard-shell case lined with dark-green plush.

The Doyle Dykes Signature Model is available through authorizedGuild dealers. For more information visit


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