G&L Unveils the ASAT Classic Alnico

Published 11 years ago on July 24, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

G&L Unveils the ASAT Classic Alnico -

While the G&L ASAT® Classic is Leo's final word on thetraditional single-cutaway bolt-on axe with its Magnetic FieldDesign single-coil pickups, the new ASAT Classic Alnico has arrivedto blend latter-day-Leo with uncompromising Alnico sonic flavour.Framed in a classic boxed-steel bridge, the single-coil Alnico Vbridge pickup created by Leo Fender† and specked by Paul Gagonbelts out meaty twang that that'll stop you in your tracks, whileindividual brass saddles Leo upgraded for the ASAT Classic offermodern levels of intonation refinement. Flip to the Alnico V neckpickup and you'll discover Gagon's spec offers a fuller tone thatleaves those anaemic old pickups in the dust. What's more, the twopickups pair beautifully for an exceptionally sweet, jangly tonebursting with harmonics.

These Alnico wonders aren't just another flavour-of-the-week,having been carefully refined by Gagon for personal guitars sincethe late 1970s. About 30 years ago, Gagon was an R&D engineerat another company when he was tasked with finding out what was sospecial about the early bolt-on guitars many players raved about.Gagon tirelessly analyzed many examples of what were considered"holy grail" guitars, spending time out on the shop floor talkingto builders still working in the pickup department since the '50s,all on a quest to discover where the real mojo was - and wasn't.What he learned from the builders matched his own engineeringanalysis. You see, back in the day, the actual spec of pickupscoming that down that old production line varied considerably.Moreover, that nagging imbalance between bridge and neck pickup wassomething he longed to improve on, and today, Gagon's preferredpairing of Alnico V pickups has arrived to delight the ears of thediscerning guitarists.

Like the G&L Legacy, the new ASAT Classic Alnico combinesbest-of Alnico tone with modern Leo touches for a brilliant blendof vintage and contemporary. If Alnico is your flavor, you owe itto yourself to experience what three decades of passionatedevelopment have achieved.

To commemorate the initial production of these Alnico pickups,G&L has commissioned a special 100-instrument production ofASAT Classic Alnico Launch Edition guitars. The Launch Editionfeatures a Sugar Pine body and coated in a gorgeous new AutumnBurst finish developed by veteran G&L painter, MalcolmMcLamore. The combination of a Sugar Pine body and Alnico magnetpickups harkens back to early prototype instruments created by LeoFender, yet the Launch Edition isn't a time-warp instrument: thisis a thoughtful remix that blends the best of old-school Leo with21st century G&L quality and playability including Plek fretprocessing.



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