G&L Expands Tribute Series With New M-2000 and M-2500 Basses

Published 11 years ago on June 26, 2012

By Guitar Interactive Magazine

Introducing the G&L M-2000 and M-2500 Basses

When Leo Fender introduced the iconic G&L L-2000 in 1981, the father of the electric bass was ready to disrupt the status quo. The L-2000 was revolutionary in ways that truly mattered - flexibility and versatility. The L-2000's Tri-Tone active/passive circuitry was unlike anything before it, offering an amazing range of tones from a single instrument.

Fast forward thirty years and the iconic L-2000 and its L-2500 five-string counterpart are ready to share the stage with the evolution of Leo's masterpiece, the M-2000 and M-2500 basses.

You see, the original L-2000 is a force to be reckoned with. It's bold, brash, maybe even a bit wild. Players often liken playing an L-2000 to driving a high-performance sports car at ten-tenths: an exhilarating experience if you've got the skill to pull it off. Harnessing the power of Leo's potent Magnetic Field Design humbuckers is the name of the game. The new M-2000 and M-2500 harness that power and reveal a new sonic palate that will surprise and delight new and die-hard G&L fans alike.

The Studio Is On-Board

The heart of an L-2000 has always been the twin MFD humbuckers. With the M-Series, these powerhouses have been voiced to take maximum advantage of the new studio-quality 18v preamp system designed by G&L's R&D wizard Paul Gagon. With an LF442 chip, 100v poly caps, 1% metal film resistors and big, fat signal traces on the mil-spec circuit board, it's like having a studio-grade preamp on board. Says Gagon, "This new preamp lets you hear the crisp detail and punch of the MFD pickups, the nuance of the strings and the resonance of the wood, all without artificial coloration." In other words, the M-Series preamp doesn't make the tone, it reveals it.

What's more, running a full 18 volts delivers generous headroom for dynamic funk slap/pop and any aggressive playing style. Go ahead, throw anything you've got at it and the M-spec preamp will harness the power of those meaty MFD humbuckers without a hint of clipping.

M2000-Spk Red _1400

Flexibility Is Nothing Without Control

Building on this solid foundation, the M-Series' intuitive and ergonomic controls unlock your full creative potential. The controls are fit to the hand - a player's design that's rewarding and easy to use. The trio of center-detent, reduced-diameter knobs is positioned along the body perimeter for the 3-band EQ, offering a new level of flexibility over the MFD pickups. For slapping and popping, rolling back some highs and dialing up some lows, coupled with a mid-range boost, magnifies the intensity Leo's humbuckers are famous for.

Need more definition for fingerstyle? Just bring up the treble and roll off the bass for a nuanced and detailed sound. Unlike the original E-spec pickup selector toggle, the M-Series features a pan control to explore the full range of sounds available between the two pickups. Both volume and pan are treated as primary controls, given larger knobs and placed parallel to the strings where they're more easily accessed. They say the best tools are simple, intuitive and easy to use, and that's exactly what you'll find with the new M-Series controls.

Classic Leo, Remastered

There's something about the way an L-2000 or L-2500 feels that is unmistakably Leo. The way the instrument balances, the way it greets the hands, it's like meeting an old friend. Something that good should stay that way, and so it is with the new M-2000 and M-2500 basses. What's more, the M-2000 brings back the 1 5/8" neck with a comfortable, classic "C" shape discontinued by G&L in the mid '80s.

M2500-Spk Red _1400

It's about taking the essential goodness of Leo's dual MFD creation and providing the kind of evolution he'd have applied himself if he were still with us here on Fender Avenue in Fullerton. It's about respecting the roots while pushing forward. It's about your passion to find the ultimate in flexibility, versatility, and expression of Leo tone. Visit your G&L dealer today and experience the next generation of Leo's iconic basses … the M-2000 and M-2500.

Body and Neck Options Include:

• Honeyburst over swamp ash, clear satin neck finish, rosewood fingerboard 
• Gloss Black over basswood, clear satin neck finish, maple fingerboard
• 3 Tone Sunburst over swamp ash, clear satin neck finish, maple fingerboard (M-2000)
• Blueburst over swamp ash, clear satin neck finish, rosewood fingerboard (M-2000)

The best tools are simple, intuitive and easy to use, and that's exactly what you'll find in the new M-Series package. Suggested retail prices starting at $973.00 for the M-2000 and $1045.00 for the M-2500.

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